Ninth Brain: Unleashing Power-Packed Features with Open API, Single Sign-On, and Advanced Tools!

Ninth Brain:  Unleashing Power-Packed Features with Open API, Single Sign-On, and Advanced Tools!

In the ever-evolving landscape of workforce management, Ninth Brain emerges as a pioneering force, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that prioritize cutting-edge technology, user-friendly features, and steadfast compliance.

As Ninth Brain continues its journey, they are thrilled to unveil insights into key functionalities that position them as a leader in the industry.

Developer Open API: Seamless Integration

Central to Ninth Brain’s commitment to seamless data integration is their Developer Open API. Features like the Forms Module API Endpoint enables management to effortlessly retrieve form responses, facilitate in-depth analysis and examine with external dashboard utilization. The Run Log Module API Endpoint empowers management to monitor and analyze debriefs, chart reviews, and utilization responses, providing invaluable insights into its patient care.

OSHA Logs and Electronic Reporting: Simplified Compliance

In the realm of Emergency Medical Services, compliance with OSHA regulations is paramount. Ninth Brain’s Employee Health module streamlines the management of workplace injuries, illnesses, and incidents. This not only ensures compliance but also enhances reporting efficiency, enabling EMS agencies to focus on their life-saving missions.

Captain Grey Matter/Co-Owner, Lisa Tedford, underscores the commitment: “Our team is dedicated to researching regulations and finding innovative ways to enhance our platform. We aim to alleviate tasks for busy administrators, making our partners more efficient and ensuring ongoing compliance. The recent update to the Employee Health module was driven by the need to keep agencies compliant with the new 2024 electronic reporting mandate, designed to simplify the submission process.”

Single Sign-On:  Effortless Access

Ninth Brain’s adoption of Single Sign-On (SSO) has revolutionized the user experience, providing a simplified and secure login process. Centralizing authentication, SSO reduces password fatigue, enhances security, and streamlines administrative management. Password Administrators are encouraged to explore the benefits of SSO with their tech teams, as enabling this feature is an impactful and positive change.

Accreditation Assistant:  Streamlined Process

Notably, Ninth Brain recently introduced the Accreditation Assistant, revolutionizing the compliance journey for EMS leaders with features tailored for accreditation and reaccreditation, streamlined processes, and intelligent recommendations, reinforcing Ninth Brain’s commitment to comprehensive solutions.

Co-Owner Holly Taylor emphasizes, “At Ninth Brain, we’re all about making things better. Our latest software enhancements? They’re like your personal efficiency boosters, helping our partners get things done smarter and keeping them in the compliance sweet spot. We’re not just here to deliver software; we’re here to make their work life a whole lot easier!”

By highlighting these features, Ninth Brain reaffirms its commitment to supporting EMS agencies in optimizing workforce management, ensuring compliance, and contributing to the successful delivery of life-saving services. As they look ahead, Ninth Brain remains at the forefront of industry compliance, continuously enhancing its software to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

About Ninth Brain: Ninth Brain’s mission is to be a long-standing partner with First Responder agencies by providing quality and intuitive software solutions that evolve with the industry. They bundle comprehensive software with a fun, devoted, and knowledgeable support team that make their clients their top priority. Throughout the past 20+ years of their journey, Ninth Brain has continuously developed enhancements to provide efficiencies, aid in industry compliance, and ultimately elevate patient care practices. Ninth Brain offers Credential Tracking, Learning Management System, Workforce Scheduling, Quality Improvement Tracking, Digital Forms and Checklists, and more! To learn more, visit


Contact:  Holly Taylor, Chief Hat Holder

Phone: 888-364-9995 ext. 320


Ninth Brain Announces New Accreditation Assistant

July 13, 2023   


Ninth Brain Launches New Accreditation Assistant Software Tool for EMS


Growth stems from change, and over the last few years, EMS has had to adapt with significant adjustments in their operations. An increased focus on providing quality patient care, industry regulations, and a shortage of qualified providers has heightened competition within the industry. Agencies are focused on recruiting quality employees, gaining efficiencies, maximizing budgets, and finding ways to expand their involvement in communities with initiatives like Community Paramedicine. One way for an EMS agency to demonstrate their success in rising to these challenges is by receiving a Nationally recognized accreditation. Ninth Brain, a software company devoted to the EMS industry, was compelled to help.


Ninth Brain’s most recent endeavor is a brand-new tool called Accreditation Assistant which supports an agency working through an initial or reaccreditation process. Sarah McEntee, Executive Director of CAAS, explains “Accreditation is a long-term process, not a project.  Tools like Ninth Brain can help agencies collect, organize, and most importantly – utilize data that agencies seeking accreditation or re-accreditation need to demonstrate compliance.”



“Most of our clients are accredited or wish to become accredited and so they utilize the Ninth Brain system to manage compliance requirements. Being that much of the data is housed within Ninth Brain, it seemed a no-brainer to offer a new tool to help them through the application process.” stated Holly Taylor, Chief Hat Holder at Ninth Brain. “We thank CAAS and CAMTS who were instrumental in providing feedback to help us accomplish this goal.”



Key Features and Benefits of Ninth Brain’s Accreditation Assistant:


  1. Compliance Assurance: The tool is specifically formatted to ease the application stage for accreditation and reaccreditation of the CAAS Standards Version 3.0 and CAMTS Standards 12th edition, with plans to update these templates as newer standards are released.


  1. Streamlined Accreditation Process: EMS leaders can securely upload documents in appropriately labeled folders, provide response/justification, track progress of review/approvals, and seamlessly export to a zip file for submission.


  1. Helpful Hints: The tool will provide recommendations from Ninth Brain on where information could be stored within the software or what reports would be helpful to address a particular standard.


This tool is being provided to all Ninth Brain subscription clients and is FREE of charge!


According to Eileen Frazer, Executive Director of CAMTS. “The accreditation process is not an easy one since we ask for and review so many documents as part of our extensive review of the program.  Any process or system that can make this easier for the programs, and bring more consistency to our reviewers, is greatly welcome.”






About Ninth Brain: Ninth Brain’s mission is to be a long-standing partner with First Responder agencies by providing quality and intuitive software solutions that evolve with the industry. They bundle comprehensive software with a fun, devoted, and knowledgeable support team that make their clients their top priority. Throughout the past 20+ years of their journey, Ninth Brain has continuously developed enhancements to provide efficiencies, aid in industry compliance, and ultimately elevate patient care practices. Ninth Brain offers Credential Tracking, Learning Management System, Workforce Scheduling, Quality Improvement Tracking, Digital Forms and Checklists, and more! To learn more, visit


About CAAS:  The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) is an independent, ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer (ASD), established to encourage and promote quality patient care in America’s medical transportation system.  The Commission has established a comprehensive, consensus-based series of standards for the ambulance service industry.


CAAS accreditation signifies that your service has met the “gold standard” determined by the ambulance industry to be essential in a modern emergency medical services provider.  These standards often exceed those established by state or local regulation.  The CAAS standards are designed to help increase operational efficiency and decrease risk and liability across the entire spectrum of the organization.



About CAMTS:   The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport System is an organization of non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the quality and safety of medical transport services, with 21 current member organizations each of which sends one representative to the CAMTS Board of Directors. The Commission offers a program of voluntary evaluation of compliance with accreditation standards demonstrating the ability to deliver service of a specific quality. The Commission believes that patient care and safety are the two highest priorities of medical transport and out-of-hospital care.


The CAMTS transport Standards were first published in 1991 and are updated every two to three years using an extensive public comment process.  Over the years the Standards have expanded to include medical care and transport by rotor wing, fixed wing, surface, medical escort, and special operations.  In 2022, CAMTS released the very first Accreditation Standards for Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine.


Contact: Holly Taylor, Chief Hat Holder

Phone: 888-364-9995 ext. 320



How EMS Tracking Software Can Help Streamline Incident Reporting Processes

The incident reporting process is complicated but there are software solutions that can help. Click here to learn more:

NBS Brainiac – Travis

Here is what Les said about Travis:

“Travis is deserving of recognition due to his efforts to reconfigure our dynamic and fast-growing company structure within Ninth Brain to align with our table of organization. This involved renaming and reconfiguring of multiple levels of organization of each Ninth Brain company to align with our business model.

Additionally, Travis has performed exhaustive audits of security permissions for leaders and access provisioning. He revamped our use of Verification Monitoring and taught our entire HR team the program. He has built templates for credentials by company and geography to ensure compliance with local and state regulations. His work to standardize reading assignments company-wide ensures our regulatory compliance as a new publicly traded company. Scripting reports for OSHA compliance and others has been a huge win as we continue to use Ninth Brain to support our company’s operations.

Travis has made numerous suggestions for improvement of Ninth Brain, many of which were considered, and are now live, to the benefit of other Ninth Brain customers. Thank you, Travis, for your efforts!”

Elevate 2022 (AMTC)

Holly, Matt, and Tim will be at Elevate (AMTC) next week. If you are attending, stop by booth 1518 to say hello! #NinthBrain #EMSWORLD2022

TBT – Management Dashboard

Changes to the management dashboard make it easier to quickly find what you are looking for. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Fatigue Assessment

Why is Fatigue Assessment so important? Click here to learn more:

Here’s What Our Clients Say

The OIG is diligently working to identify and prosecute violations for sanctions, exclusions and licensing. We should all be thankful that the OIG is assuring that all providers are playing by the rules. The NBS saves a tremendous amount of time, worry and money for EMS providers who want to assure they are compliant in a pervasive manner that takes the work out of this important facet of EMS compliance. Simply put in the age of doing more with less, The NinthBrain Verification Monitoring System is a no brainer.
Chief Operating Officer
Samaritan EMS,
Del City, OK

Quality Improvement Tracker

With real-time reporting, “need-to-know” workflow, and a dashboard for quick management, our Quality Improvement Tracker can help you keep organized and ready for reaccreditation. Learn more here:

Avoiding Slips, Trips, and Falls in EMS

Maintaining your staff’s safety can be challenging, especially since they often spend so little time inside your facility. However, there are steps your business can take to reduce the risk.

Here’s What Our Clients Say

We have been using Ninth Brain since 2013 for our Learning Management System, Human Resources and credentialing needs and have found the platform to be versatile. The Ninth Brain staff are wonderful to work with if there is a system issue. I have found their technical support staff to be top notch and highly responsive to our needs. I have recommended the Ninth Brain system to a number of different EMS and Fire agencies over the years and I stand by their product.
E-Learning Content Development and System Administrator Indianapolis EMS, Indianapolis, IN

EMS World 2022

Tim, Derek, and Jen will be at EMS World this week. If you are attending, stop by booth 1518 to say hello! #NinthBrain #EMSWORLD2022

NBS Brainiac Nathan!

Here is what Sean said about Nathan:

“Nate has become our resident master of Ninth Brain Forms. He created a motor vehicle accident reporting form and a new employee field orientation progress reporting form. Both of these forms include multiple layers of hidden fields which display differently based on multiple possibilities (date, progress of orientee, etc.).

The MVA reporting form collects details of all AAS-owned vehicle collisions, so we can report them transparently to our insurance company and parent company. This form allows us to track trends in data, and then use that data to drive changes in our training practices.

The Field orientation tracking form accounts for up to 12 weeks of data documentation, with each week containing over 115 data elements. Nate uses this form to communicate weekly with field trainers to remain proactive regarding orientee progress. Nate has also put together a data tracking form to evaluate whether or not the current Key Progress Indicators of an orientation class have any correlation to employee retention.”

Just Culture

Why is Just Culture necessary in EMS? Learn more here:

Thank You to Our Amazing Clients!

Ninth Brain would like to thank our October anniversary clients. Just to name a few…
12 years: Bell’s Ambulance
8 years: Aero Med Spectrum Health
7 years: MedFlight
3 years: Freehold EMS
1 year: First Responder EMS

Run Log

With unlimited run log types, the ability to upload additional documents and fully customize reports, our Run Log tool can help your company stay organized. Learn more here:

NBS Brainiac – Mitchell

Here is what Shelly said about Mitchell:

“Mitchell is a genius at forms and courses. He has definitely been an asset in our organization as far as use and development of Ninth Brian not only as an LMS, but also a critical building block of communication, especially in our clinical department. “

TBT – Employee View

We revamped navigation and added colorful quick-link buttons. Lots of change for so little time! #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Here’s What Our Clients Say

Ninth Brain has been a game changer when it comes to maintaining an Air Ambulance Organization. With the ever-changing compliance and accreditation standards, Ninth Brian systems stay ahead of the curve and provide multiple solutions for us to accomplish all of our goals in one central system. This system allows us to focus on running the business, knowing our compliance is maintained and trackable on a daily basis.

System Administrator
Guardian Flight,
South Jordan, UT

Communication Tools

Sending memos, posting announcements, and tracking the read status of messages are just a few of the things our communication tools can do. Read more here:

EMS Compliance

Staying on top of changing healthcare laws, statutes, and regulations can be a full time job. Learn how to navigate these challenges in this article:

NBS Brainiac – Lisa

Here is what Susan said about Lisa:

“Lisa has offered many suggestions for improvements to Ninth Brain as OSF NREMS is a unique entity and has several requests that differ from the typical client. She is always willing to assist in the creation and utilization of new options and is a resource for others in many arenas. Lisa is one that always goes the extra mile and is attentive to details, getting things right the first time. She very much deserves this recognition!!!”

TBT – File Cabinet

The File Cabinet has changed so much you might not even recognize it! #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

5 Ways an EMS Management System Can Protect Your Responders

First responders have a demanding and sometimes dangerous job, but there are steps agencies can take to help protect their staff. This article talks about five of them. Learn more here:

Workforce Scheduling

With a Dynamic Shift Pattern Builder, an Automated Schedule Generator, and an Employee Credential Rule Check – Workforce Scheduling from Ninth Brain can Save you time and reduce errors. Click here to learn more.

American Ambulance Association Annual Conference & Trade Show

Lisa, Holly, and Braddley will be exhibiting at AAA September 18 & 19, 2022. If you are attending, stop by booth 44 to say hello!

Here’s What Our Clients Say

We have been using Ninth Brain for several years. This software has allowed our fire department to evolve from documenting training hours utilizing 1980’s technology [scantron paper system] to upgrading to a 21st century on-line Training Tracker. This system allows our firefighters to document their training instantly with any electronic device that supports internet connectivity, which enables the training division and administration to track the amount of training hours conducted in real time.
Indianapolis Fire Department,
Indianapolis, IN

Central Calendar

Viewing schedules, creating company events, and managing event rosters are just a few of the ways our Central Calendar can make operation easier. Learn more here:

Dissecting the Certificate of Medical Necessity

The Certificate of Medical necessity is often misunderstood. In this article we work to clear up some of the confusion. Learn more here:

Ninth Brain Brainiac – Angela

Here is what Brian said about Angela:

“Angela has utilized the functionality of NBS to make substantial improvements in our organization. Angela has streamlined our compliance and personnel performance management systems by replacing paper reports with NBS such as BBP exposure tracking, controlled substance management, performance appraisals, etc.

In addition, customer service has improved due to better tracking, accountability, and follow up of inquiries all managed in the NBS system. Angela has worked diligently to support our organization with the help of the robust NBS. Angela Hamilton is very deserving of the Brainiac award.”

What Our Clients Say

“I have been in EMS Administration for eight years and the difference between the old way and the Ninth Brain way is ‘night and day different’ – especially as it relates to the scheduling platform. There are other systems that ‘get the job done’ but nothing is as robust and useful as Ninth Brain has been. We have a union shop and so scheduling is very complicated – but NBS can handle our demands; it is a ‘savior for time’. The level of support you receive from Ninth Brain is unparalleled. The fact that we can reach a live person, or get a quick response is ‘unheard of’ with other software companies.”

Lindsay Clancy

Medic One Ambulance


Preventing Burnout for your EMS Team: 3 Tools That Can Help

There are three simple ways that you can help your EMS staff prevent burnout. Learn more here:

Learning Management System

Whether you create and upload your own course content, or need to access to pre-built course content, our LMS has you covered. Learn more here:

The Community Paramedicine Model

What is Community Paramedicine? Click here to learn more.

TBT – Logon Page

Big change in the Ninth Brain brand colors from 2015 to 2022 – and that’s really evident on the logon page. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Employee Health

Recording, tracking and storing health events is easy with Ninth Brain. Yes, even the new and ever-changing COVID vaccine and testing mandates. Learn more here:


We’ve come a long way since 2002 – Just take a look at how much or logon page has changed. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Preparing for CAMTS Audits: Benefits of a High-Quality Reporting Tool

Preparing for a CAMTS audit is stressful. Learn how an EMS Management System can help here:

Verification Monitoring

Need help monitoring your staff credential compliance? We can help. Learn more here:

Workforce Scheduling: Precision Placement of Your EMS Team

Scheduling is a difficult task at best, but are you scheduling the right staff at the right time? Learn more about the art of EMS Scheduling here:

Forms + Checklist Builder

Reducing paper dependency, Improving documentation & oversight, and Assigning forms to employees are just some of the features that make our form and checklist builder a valuable tool for almost any organization. Learn more here:

Employee View – #TBT

We revamped navigation and added colorful quick-link buttons. Lots of change for so little time! #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

The Benefits of Getting an Online EMT Education

There are many benefits of gaining an EMT Education Online. Learn more here:

Communication Tools

Communicating with staff can be difficult in the best of situations, but when your staff work at all hours of all days and at various locations, keeping your employees updated can be nearly impossible. See how a suite of online communication tools can help. Learn more here:

Why Ambulance Drivers Are Much More than “Hospital Taxis”

A small percentage of the population views EMTs and paramedics as little more than “ambulance drivers”. Read why it’s not true here:

Administrator View – #TBT

It’s Throwback Thursday again! Look how much the Administrator View has changed. Imagine where we might be 7 years from now! #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Risk Assessment

Setting dynamic, static, and control measures, determining acceptable risk thresholds, and notifying managers at each threshold level are just some of the things you can do with the Ninth Brain Risk Assessment tool. Learn more here:

Marketing Website – #TBT

This week’s Throwback Thursday looks at how much our marketing site has change in the past 14 years! #ThrowbackThursday #TBT

5 Topics Every EMS Training Program Should Address

There are 5 Topics every EMS training program should include. Does yours? Find out here:

Central Calendar

With the ability to create a company event, manage registration, and even print sign-in sheets, Ninth Brain’s Central Calendar can make hosting events a snap! Learn more here:

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Switching to Digital Checklists and Forms

Have you considered switching to digital forms and checklists? There are 5 reasons why your organization should consider switching. Read more here:

Quality Improvement Tracker

Creating company-specific incident records, setting notifications for incidents that require review, and communicating with team members for loop closure, Our Quality Improvement Tracker can help. Learn more here:

Accreditcon 2022

Tim will be exhibiting at Accreditcon June 2-4! If you are attending, be sure to stop by to say hi! #NinthBrain #Accreditcon2022

National EMS Week

Ninth Brain celebrates National EMS Week. We appreciate the dedication and challenging work that EMS professionals do in helping fellow citizens! Thank you.

National Nurses Week/National Hospital Week

Today is International Nurses Day and it’s also National Hospital Week. Ninth Brain celebrates National Hospital Week. We’d like to recognize all hospital staff who promote their hospital’s mission of health and wellness. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to the healing profession.

ZOLL Summit 2002

Ninth Brain’s Brain Ambassador, Tim Smalley, will be at the 2022 ZOLL Summit May 10-12, 2022. If you are attending, be sure to stop by to say hi. #ZOLLSummit2022

10 Common Issues with Run Logs that Automation Can Solve

Logging a run is complicated and essential. Automation can help solve many of the common issues that arise. Click here to learn more:

National Nurses Week

May 6 kicked off National Nurses’ Week.  This campaign seeks to raise public awareness of the value of nursing and help educate the public about the roles registered nurses play in meeting the healthcare needs of all communities.

Thank you from Ninth Brain

Michigan EMS Expo 2022

Tim and Jen will be at Michigan EMS today and tomorrow. Stop by and say hello!

Credential Management

With the ability to track industry credentials and the ability to apply CE directly to a credential, are just two of the ways that Ninth Brain can help your organization manage the credentials of your staff. Learn more here:

Women Lead the Charge at Booming Healthcare Software Company

Ninth Brain, a software company that streamlines compliance, training, and communication in the healthcare sector, celebrates twenty years of success this Spring.

With a modest history begun as notes on a napkin by two nurses, the company now known as Ninth Brain sought a simple yet rigorous solution for the complicated compliance requirements faced by healthcare and first responder organizations. This spring, Ninth Brain will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Lisa Tedford, uniquely titled “Captain Grey Matter,” and Holly Taylor, “Chief Hat Holder,” run Ninth Brain with a passion for helping clients and having a little fun along the way. Tedford says, “I was the first developer to bring the napkin idea to life over 20 years ago. The best part of this journey has been hearing the feedback from the users of our system and how it has helped them with their day-to-day. I enjoy seeing where the next big ideas from our team and clients will take us.”

When asked about their overall business philosophy, Taylor says, “We focus on caring about our employees and our clients, the rest just falls into place. Focusing our efforts on being consultative partners to our clients, in turn, creates advocates in the industry which naturally grows our business. We look forward to celebrating continued success with our amazing team of devoted brainiacs and loyal clients.”

Using crowdsourced suggestions from clients and industry partners alike, Ninth Brain has grown from Employee Health tracking into an expansive platform known for consultative training and onboarding, workforce scheduling, risk assessments, and quality improvement. These tools have become especially important during this time when Healthcare and First Responder industries are experiencing unprecedented change, staffing turnover, compliance demands, and vaccine-mandate management.

“Ninth Brain has changed how we provide education within our organization, taking us to the digital era by reducing the amount of time used to track and document competencies, required education and credentials,” said Lindsey Castle, Director of Education & Clinical Services at MedFlight.

“PatientCare EMS Solutions has been using many of the features provided by NBS to enhance our performance and maintain CAAS and CAMTS accreditations for several years. They listen to our “bright ideas” for improvement and adopt many in their evolving version releases. They are truly customer focused which is not something you get with every vendor. We know our customer support team by name, and we can count on them to be available when we need them.” Stated Debbie Vass, Corporate VP of Quality at PatientCare EMS Solutions.

In the spirit of collaboration Ninth Brain is known for, Ninth Brain will celebrate its 20th birthday with nine birthday parties with select clients, provide opportunities to sign up for birthday box surprises and celebrate nominated Ninth Brain super users.


Should You Take a Chance and Skip the Risk Assessment Step?

All EMS organizations carry a certain amount of inherent risk. Risk Assessments can help mitigate that risk. Learn more here:

Form and Checklist Builder

With unlimited form types and submissions, over 20 field types, and conditional logic, our Forms and Checklists can help you get and stay organized – all while reducing paper. Learn more here:

Workforce Scheduling: Precision Placement of Your EMS Team

Scheduling is a difficult task at best, but are you scheduling the right staff at the right time? Learn more about the art of EMS Scheduling here:

Risk Assessment

With custom forms, supervisor notifications, and detailed reports, our Risk Assessment tool can help your organization maintain high safety standards. Learn more here:

The Benefits of Getting an Online EMT Education

There are many benefits of gaining an EMT Education Online. Learn more here:

Quality Improvement Tracker

With real-time reporting, “need-to-know” workflow, and a dashboard for quick management, our Quality Improvement Tracker can help you keep organized and ready for reaccreditation. Learn more here:

Why Ambulance Drivers are Much More than “Hospital Taxis”

A small percentage of the population views EMTs and paramedics as little more than “ambulance drivers”. Read why it’s not true here:

Run Log

With unlimited run log types, the ability to upload additional documents and fully customize reports, our Run Log tool can help your company stay organized. Learn more here:

5 Topics Every EMS Training Program Should Address

There are 5 Topics every EMS training program should include. Does yours? Find out here:

Workforce Scheduling

With a Dynamic Shift Pattern Builder, an Automated Schedule Generator, and an Employee Credential Rule Check – Workforce Scheduling from Ninth Brain can Save you time and reduce errors. Click here to learn more.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Switching to Digital Checklists and Forms

Have you considered switching to digital forms and checklists? There are 5 reasons why your organization should consider switching. Read more here:

Learning Management System

Whether you create and upload your own course content, or need to access to pre-built course content, our LMS has you covered. Learn more here:

Verification Monitoring

Worry-free Sanction Screening? We’ve got your back. Click here to learn more about Ninth Brain’s Verification Monitoring:

Arrowhead EMS Association

Our very own Matt Reinhart is headed to Duluth for the Arrowhead EMS Association Conference. If you will be attending, be sure to stop by and say hello!

National Computer Security Day

Have you changed your password recently?

National Lemon Cream Pie Day!

Pumpkin spice shouldn’t get all the love this season! Happy National Lemon Cream Pie Day!

Black Friday

Shop safely.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Ninth Brain

Texas EMS 2021

Ninth Brain is headed back to Texas, but this time we are sending Tim and Shane. If you are attending the conference, be sure to stop by and say hello 😊

World Antibiotic Awareness Week

November 18-24, 2021 is World Antibiotic Awareness Week!

Clean Your Refrigerator Day

Cleaning your refrigerator can be quite a chore, but a clean and well-organized fridge can run more efficiently and reduce the spread of harmful bacteria. Today is a great time to clean out your fridge before all season’s holiday entertaining.

Veteran’s Day 2021

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Ninth Brain would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for every member of the US military – all branches, both past and present.

New OSHA Regulations

Yesterday, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), released the highly anticipated mandatory COVID-19 vaccination regulations for employers with 100 or more employees and new COVID-19 vaccination requirements in the Conditions of Participation (COPs)/Conditions for Coverage (CfCs).

Learn more about our Employee Health Module and how it can make your life easier with Vaccine Tracking and Testing.

Hospice and Home Care Workers

November is National Home Care and Hospice Worker’s Month. Thank you from Ninth Brain.

National Checklist Day

Be sure to see how Ninth Brain can help with your checklist needs.

Lisa, Holly, & Matt are Headed to Texas!

If you will be attending AMTC or AAA this year, stop by to say hi.

EMS PRO 2021

Our very own Tim and Derek are packing their bags and heading off to Connecticut this week for the 2021 EMS PRO Conference! Be sure to stop by and say hi!

ACCT Annual Meeting

Ninth Brain is proud to be the Official Strategic Learning Platform Partner for The Association of Critical Care Transport for Patients. We can’t make the meeting this year – but don’t worry – we sent ahead some amazing swag! Hope to see you next year!

Happy Pharmacist’s Week

October 17th – 23rd is Pharmacist Week. Thank you from Ninth Brain.

Emergency Nurses Day

A very special Thank You to all the Emergency Nurses out there! Your hard work is appreciated.
Happy Emergency Nurses Day!

Holly & Lisa are going to GEMSA!

Our Fearless Leaders, Lisa & Holly, are off to Georgia for the Georgia EMS Association conference this weekend. Stop by and see them in booth 33. 😊

booth with Tim and Matt

Tim and Matt are in Georgia!

If you are attending the EMS World Expo, stop by and visit us in booth 1535!

Come Check Us Out at the EMS World Expo!!

Our very own Tim and Matt are packing their bags this week and heading to Georgia for the 2021 EMS World Expo! Be sure and stop by and say hi. 😀

Congrats to Empress Emergency Medical Services!

Congratulations to our client Empress EMS on their receipt of the JEMS / EMS Today award for innovation in EMS.

Congrats to Life Flight Network!

Congrats to our client Life Flight Network on receiving the AAMS Program of the Year Award!

Coming Soon – Employee Health Enhancements!

Ninth Brain is working on enhancing our Employee Health module to include workflow alerting for COVID Vaccines and COVID Testing. With the recent changes and mandates being handed down from the federal government, Ninth Brain Suite has begun looking for a way to help your organization stay organized and compliant. Within our Employee Health module, we currently have a COVID Immunization type ready to use with frequency alerts for recurring booster COVID shots as well. Coming soon, we will be adding alerting and workflow to manage those who have not received the COVID Vaccine to be alerted of the mandated weekly COVID test. To learn more, reach out to

Hurry! This Sunday is the last chance to catch the EMS Leadership Summit sessions for free!

Ninth Brain is a proud exhibitor and Gold Sponsor for this important event, and with education ALWAYS on the brain, we want to remind you one last time that…The EMS Leadership Summit is online and free! Imagine having access to insider knowledge and the secrets behind being the best leader that others want to follow — taught by those who have the biggest profiles and most experience in the industry.
You only have until this Sunday to view each masterclass for free before it’s locked away in the EMS Leadership Summit All-Access Pass Vault. Register now!

Preparing for CAMTS Audits: Benefits of a High-Quality Reporting Tool – Ninth Brain

Audits from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) play an essential role in ensuring the continued safety of your organization. The commission provides standards for both air and surface emergency medical transport. Find out more!

Reminder – Get Your Free Ticket to the 2021 EMS Leadership Virtual Summit!

Ninth Brain is a proud exhibitor and Gold Sponsor for this important event!
Imagine having access to insider knowledge and the secrets behind being the best leader that others want to follow — taught by those who have the biggest profiles and most experience in the industry. All presentations will be available online so you can watch them at your convenience. Register now!

Check Out Our Virtual Booth @ PA EMS Conference!

Happy to have a virtual booth and to be a Session Sponsor for the PA EMS Conference 😊…which is going on now through Friday.

Make sure to check out Session Sponsor Ninth Brain and all of our other supports in our Virtual Exhibit Hall!
We’ve wrapped our brains around one robust solution for your business. Our Specialty? Software designed to evolve with the Healthcare and First Responder industries! With one login, you can easily manage all of your company’s needs with education, credential tracking, workforce scheduling, forms, checklists, QI tracking, communication tools, and more! Coupled with superb client support including training, webinars, and (gasp) real people!

Get Your Free Ticket to the Third Annual Leadership Summit!

Ninth Brain is a proud exhibitor and Gold Sponsor for this important event, and with education ALWAYS on the BRAIN, we want to make sure you are in the know…
Join over 30 of the world’s leading EMS and healthcare leadership experts as they share insider, industry knowledge on living a successful lifestyle. All presentations will be available online so you can watch them at your convenience. Register now!

We are Ready to Kick Off Pinnacle!

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Cheers to IA MED | Medical Education!

We are very excited for our partnership and happy to have their courses available within our platform soon! Read more

Come See Us at Pinnacle!

One week away! Excited to go to Phoenix, not for the blazing heat, but for the Pinnacle EMS conference!
We always have fun at this conference, meet great people, and get the pleasure of having our awesome Ninth Brain head printed on the opening reception drink tickets 🙂.

5 Ways an EMS Management System Can Protect Your Responders

The benefits of an EMS management system translates to better safety for your responders. It does so by providing a functional framework for improving communications and accountability within an organization. Learn more!

EMS Missouri Here We Come!

It’s now official, signed up and ready to go to Missouri in a few weeks 🙂. First time going to this conference, looking forward to it!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

How to get the most out of your EMS scheduling software!

Software is becoming increasingly more holistic to help companies with workforce scheduling. By understanding its capabilities and potential, EMS services will find them to be powerful, irreplaceable tools…..

Gathering of Eagles Conference – Here We Come!

Getting ready to head down to Florida today! We’ll be exhibiting at South Florida’s premier emergency medical conference, First There First Care / Gathering of Eagles, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Stop by booth #28 to say hi to our team!

Look forward to exhibiting at Pinnacle this summer!

Look forward to exhibiting at Pinnacle this summer (August 9th-13th) at the JW Marriot Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix…and proud to be the Learning Partner again! We enjoy working with Fitch & Associates and happy to support this great conference!
Also, our partnership allows Ninth Brain clients the opportunity to receive a discount on registration. Contact for more information.

We Remember!

Let us remember and honor all military personnel who lost their lives protecting this great nation!

Have a safe holiday!

Come See Us At CCTMC!!

We made it to Alabama…and really excited to be here at CCTMC! Stop by booth #5 to say hi and learn more about our software solution.

National EMS Week Is Coming Up!

The 46th annual National EMS Week is coming up soon (May 16-22). President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week in 1974 to recognize and celebrate the importance of EMS practitioners. The theme for 2021 – This Is EMS: Caring for Our Communities

Happy National Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week (May 6th-12th) – always thankful for the incredible work they do!

Announcing our Partnership with NEMSMA!

We are very happy to announce our new partnership with National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) as their Official Strategic Software Platform Partner! We look forward to working with them!
And our partnership allows our Ninth Brain clients the opportunity to receive a discount on NEMSMA memberships! Contact for more information.

Happy International Firefighters Day!!

Thank you to all firefighters for their time and dedication to support our communities!

Thank You Clients!

As April is coming to a close, just wanted to share a few anniversaries. Many years ago, we had some great clients that started using our software solution in the month of April.
The following clients have been onboard with us for 10+ years! A big thanks to them for choosing us…we’re grateful to have them as part of our NBS family!
Three Rivers Ambulance Authority (19yr)
Lakes Region EMS (18yr)
REMSA (16yr)
Hoke County Emergency Communications (12yr)
Indianapolis EMS (10yr)

Slips, Trips, and Falls in EMS – Ninth Brain

Maintaining a safe workplace is a top priority for most businesses, not only because they value their employees and want them to remain healthy and well, but because it is required by law.
Unfortunately, maintaining safety can be particularly challenging in the EMS field… Ninth Brain can help!

Thank You Dispatchers!

It’s National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.  Big thanks to dispatchers for answering the call to provide assistance and assurance in our communities!

Incident Reporting – Ninth Brain

How EMS tracking software can help streamline incident reporting processes – Software has alleviated a lot of the hard, often redundant work involved with incident reports—not just in their composition, but in how they’re distributed and saved to help EMS companies in the future.

Excited for the EMS UPDATE Virtual Conference!

EMS Update, Pennsylvania’s Largest EMS Conference, kicks of their livestream event next Thursday. We are more than excited to get back on the road for some in-person conferences, but still happy to participate via virtual booths in the meantime.

Accountability – Ninth Brain

In the EMS industry, in particular, there’s a lot of pressure on employees to perform without fail. After all, lives hang in the balance, and even a small error could have tremendous consequences.
The idea of just culture is one that can benefit employees and employers alike, providing a pathway to open communications that helps employees feel safe reporting accidents or errors and facilitates collaborative solutions to prevent future incidents… Read more…

Huge thanks to all of our clients!

Great news, excited to report that we have wonderful clients within 43 states now! We’re down to just a handful of states (in grey) where NBS isn’t being utilized yet, but hopeful that our Ninth Brain family will extend out to those areas in the near future.
Huge thanks to all of our clients! We greatly appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide our services for many years to come…

Fatigue Assessment – Ninth Brain

Why is Fatigue Assessment So Important?

As an employer, you have a reasonable expectation that employees will show up for shifts ready to perform to the best of their ability.  However, we’re all human, and we know that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Unfortunately, fatigue can be particularly problematic in the EMS field. Read More:

New NBS Free Guide!

Interested in learning more about our suite of tools? You can now download our free guide!

EMS Compliance – Ninth Brain

Within EMS organizations, maintaining compliance is essential to preventing errors, avoiding penalties, and ensuring both employee and patient safety and care.
The good news is, there are comprehensive software solutions designed to help you control accreditation, credentials, and compliance of every type.  Learn more!

Have you visited our Affiliations page lately?

If not, check it out! We’re so happy to have the opportunity to be a member/sponsor/partner with organizations that play important roles in EMS!

Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 – 1968)

Happy National Pharmacist Day!!

Thank you to all pharmacists for their key role in providing patient care and improving health outcomes!

Come Visit Us at the NAEMSP Annual Meeting!

First show of 2021 coming up!  Our virtual booth is ready to go!!


Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season!

We are so thankful for our great clients, partners, and vendors. And very appreciative of front line workers for their over-the-top dedication to help us all through 2020!

Thank You Awesome Clients!

Quick shout out for some mid-December anniversaries – we appreciate their business and the services they provide to help those in need!

Taney County Ambulance District (5yr.)
HealthNet Aeromedical Services (7yr.)
Boston MedFlight (6yr.)
TraumaOne Flight Services (2yr.)
ValueCare Medical Services (3yr.)
Jackson Township EMS (2yr.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for our families, friends, and wonderful clients.  And give huge thanks to all of the folks out there working hard to support and care for those in need during these trying times.

Great to have our LMS being utilized for their leadership program! Thrilled to be their learning partner, cheers to them!

Did you know? Our leadership education has helped more than 3,000 people. Gain the competitive edge, the invaluable networking, and latest education of real-world applications through our ASM program.
Special thanks to

Ninth Brain

for being our premier learning partner. #ThankYou

Learn more and register here:

Looking For a Robust Software Platform?

Something that entails an LMS and Credential tracking? Maybe also contains customizable forms and checklists? Maybe even has workforce scheduling and quality improvement? Even communication tools and document storage?
Alright enough already, think you get the point, lol. We offer many modules/features to help with daily operations. Maybe you need all the features, maybe you don’t. No worries, we have different packages and happy to talk through which one would best fit your company’s needs.

Visit us at the Texas EMS Conference!

Our last conference of 2020 coming up soon…Hope to see folks face-to-face again in 2021!

AMTC is on! Chat with us on our Exhibitor Page!

Big Congratulations to our employee, Matt Reinhart, for being chosen to speak at the conference about Risk! His session is tomorrow at 4pm ET.

Proud Platinum Sponsor to the AMTC 2020 Virtual Conference!

We are very excited to support AAMS and the AMTC Virtual Conference this year. Though it would be great to see all our friends in-person, we do have the ability to chat via our virtual booth and we hope you will reach out!
Talk soon!

Ninth Brain Partners with the Association of Critical Care Transport (ACCT)!

Ninth Brain is proud to be the official Strategic Software Partner for the Association of Critical Care Transport (ACCT) for communication, education and more!
We are excited to join forces with ACCT to support their mission to transform critical care to achieve best interest/needs of critical care medical patients!
Learn more about ACCT:

Happy Emergency Nurses Day!

Huge thanks to those who step up in the face of adversity, rise to extreme challenges, and continue to show their heart of gold even in the most trying times. We appreciate their hard work and dedication!

Come Visit Us at the AMTC20 Virtual Conference!

We’re always excited to exhibit at AMTC! No different this time, still excited, just need to bring on our virtual presence this year!

Happy American Pharmacists Month!

Big shout out to pharmacists – Thank You for your contributions to health care and our communities!

Come Check Us Out at the EMS World Expo!

Our virtual booth is setup for live chat and open until 5pm EDT today and tomorrow. Stop by and say hi to our team!

Looking for Platform to Help Check the Boxes?

Reach out to us for more information on how we could help –

We Can Help!

Looking for an efficient way to manage your organization’s internal operations? We can help! Reach out to us for information on our different packages and which ones may best fit your needs –

EMS World Expo!

Getting prepped to exhibit at our first virtual conference next month! We will miss connecting with folks in-person, but excited to still have the opportunity to support the EMS World Expo and participate in the virtual exhibit hall!

Virtual Pinnacle Leadership Summit!

For years we have enjoyed exhibiting at Pinnacle and thrilled to be the Learning Partner! Sad that we won’t be seeing clients, and meeting new folks, in person this year.
However, it’s great to see some conferences are staying the course and providing virtual alternatives during these trying times…..

Read more

FREE NBS-Sponsored EMS World Webinar!

The Silent Killers of TBI: Hypotension, Hypoxia, and Hypercarbia (Accredited) June 24, 2020 1 p.m ET.  This continuing education activity is approved for 1 course hour by EMS World.

FREE NBS-Sponsored EMS World Webinar Details

RELEASED – Discussion Board and NBS Community!

Join us for this overview webinar showcasing the newest tools within NBS! Both Discussion Board and NBS Community are FREE to our wonderful clients!  You will be able to view various foums, post messages with video or document, and quickly see unread posts and new messages.

COMING SOON – Discussion Board & NBS Community

With the current landscape challenging the way we work and communicate, Ninth Brain is ramping up to offer a NEW experience to our clients for free!

Read more

National EMS Week 2020!

Thank you to all EMS providers!! We are grateful to have folks in our communities that are dedicated, caring, and able to deliver life-saving care!

Happy Nurses Week!

May 6th is Nurses Day and the start of Nurses Week (May 6-12).

Thank you to all nurses for their dedication and passion for great patient care! Wishing them good health and safety during these trying times.

Happy International Firefighters’ Day!

May 4th is International Firefighters’ Day. We recognize and appreciate their commitment and sacrifice to protect life and property – Thank You!

Michigan EMS Expo – New Dates!

Looking forward to Frankenmuth in August now! Local area for some of our team, so might be fun to dig out some lederhosen and dirndls.

Reminder: the May EMS Expo was moved to August 26-28. Same location and venue. We hope to see you in August. Stay safe!

National Volunteer Week!!

THANK YOU to all those that commit their own time for the good of their communities!

During Volunteer Week, we try to find a day where our team can volunteer to help a local program. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to volunteer this week, so decided on some monetary donations. Happy to support these great causes!

Support Our Heroes – helps medical professionals by providing financial help for things like unexpected costs, financial hardships, childcare needs, etc.

Whaley Children’s Center – houses over 90 children in their shelter, providing a safe space for those that have survived trauma.

Fenton Center of Hope – food pantry in Genesee County that provides help to low income households by providing food and other family resources.

Kids Food Basket of West Michigan – provides snacks and meals to children in need.

The Comet Diner – putting together meals for the hospital staff around Eastern Michigan.

Looking For a Distance Learning Platform??

Is your organization looking for a distance learning platform to help meet your continuing education and training requirements? We can help!
Easily upload your own training programs in a variety of formats and create online exams…and/or add our NBS library (400+ courses)!
Reach out to us for more information –

Happy National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week!

THANK YOU to Emergency dispatchers for their dedication and service to our communities!

Thank You to all of our Clients and Friends who are true Heroes!

A Day With a Paramedic Facing the Coronavirus Pandemic – This article allows you to really feel what it is like to be on the front lines during this time. Thank You to all of our Clients and Friends who are true Heroes. Your commitment and medical expertise are so very vital to our communities. We hope you receive the PPE you need and that you stay healthy and safe!


Amazon Heard Us! Effective 4/6, EMS & Fire Have Access to the COVID-19 Store for PPE & Supplies

Thank you to the thousands of #EMS and fire professionals who joined our social media campaign to encourage Amazon Business to admit #mobilehealthcare providers into their new #COVID19 Store. In response to the collective voices of our profession, Amazon has updated their policy! Learn how to participate► #SupportEMS #AlwaysOpen #DontForgetEMS #PPE — with National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and IAFC – International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Happy National Doctors’ Day!!

Thank you to all the doctors out there working hard to improve patients’ health and saving lives!

Free Webinar: Navigating COVID-19 Issues in the EMS Workplace

To our clients and friends, FREE Webinar on Friday, March 20th at 1:00 pm ET on Navigating COVID-19 Issues in the EMS Workplace. Register to join!

Join us as the nation’s top EMS legal experts from the American Ambulance Association and Page, Wolfberg & Wirth address the hot topics such as patient privacy, workplace safety, staff shortages, pay practices, worker’s comp and leave, discipline practices, liability and more. The webinar will include a Q&A so that you can ask these experts about the issues that matter most to you.

Critical Care Transport Medicine Conference (CCTMC) – Cancelled

After careful monitoring of the rapidly changing situation related to COVID-19, understanding that concerns for health, safety, and the impact on meeting attendance, among other issues, are affecting our conference, the difficult decision has been made to cancel CCTMC for 2020. We are committed to maintaining appropriate health and safety measures, and we encourage you to follow guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

NREMT Update: Recertification Deadline Extended; Online CE Restrictions Lifted

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians announced March 13, 2020 two important modifications to the current recertification cycle for nationally registered EMS personnel.
NREMT’s board of directors approved a motion extending the current recertification deadline from March 31, 2020 to June 30, 2020, according to a statement on the NREMT website. Additionally, for registrants due to recertify March 31, 2020, distributive education (DE) limitations will be removed. This allows all continuing education to be accomplished outside of classrooms.


Patient Safety Awareness Week!

Dedicated week to encourage acknowledgement and efforts to improve the safety of patients! Also, if you are looking for a PSO, check out Center for Patient Safety – great folks and we have an integration with them.

Check Us Out at the 82nd SMEMSIC Professional Development Conference in Traverse City, MI!

One week from today we’ll be in Traverse City exhibiting at the 82nd SMEMSIC Professional Development Conference! We are sending one of our first year associates, so stop by to say hi and make him talk software.

Critical Care Transport Nurses Day!

Thank you to all CCT Nurses!

Check Out Our Exhibit at the Arrowhead EMS Association Conference!

Packed and ready to visit Duluth, MN for the AEMSA Conference & Expo! We’ll be exhibiting this Friday/Saturday, so stop by and say hi!

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – January 9th!

We give thanks to all those who put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities. Thank you for all that you do!

Happy National Pharmacist Day!

Big shout out to our Pharmacy Clients and to all Pharmacists for their contributions in healthcare!  If you’re looking for pharmacy consulting services, contact our good friend David Brass to see how Brass Compliance, LLC. can help!
(508) 669-3828

Come see us at EMS Today! in Tampa, Florida in March!

All signed up and ready for Tampa in March!  Come check us out at booth # 1133.

Why Choose Ninth Brain?

Looking for a secure and customizable SaaS platform? That’s us! We go to great lengths to protect your company data and are proud to be HIPAA, NIST 800.171, and GDPR compliant! We offer many different modules/features, so reach out to us for information on our packages and which ones may best suite your needs –

Exhibiting at the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP)!!

First show of 2021 coming up!  Our virtual booth is ready to go!

Kicking Off the 2020 Trade Show and Conference Schdedule!

We are looking forward to exhibiting at many more trade shows and conferences in 2020! First stop will be in Minnesota for the Arrowhead EMS Association Conference & Expo, January 23-26, 2020.  Hope to see you there!

Visit Us in New Orleans!

The time has come – getting ready to travel to New Orleans! If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by booth #1560 and say hi to our team!

Come See Us at the MEMS Conference!

We made it to MEMS conference in Biloxi!!! Come and visit us!

Need QI Software?

Are you looking for a QI software platform to help you answer questions like “How are we doing”, “Can we do better”, “Are we promoting safety”, etc.?

Our QI module has really evolved over the last 2 years. We started off many years ago with the QI Incident Tracker but have since added the Run Log & Risk Assessment tools as a more structured data collection and reporting option. For more info on this module, or any of our modules, please contact us –

Come See Us in Nashville!

Always enjoy exhibiting at AAA conferences – already signed up and ready to go to Nashville!

View the full agenda and register today at!

Check Out Our Exhibit at MEMS!

All signed up and ready to go to Biloxi at the end of the month! This will be our first time exhibiting at MEMS, and first visit to Biloxi in general, so really excited to be traveling south in a few weeks!

A Software System That Does It All!

In the hunt for a software system that has features to track credentials, create courses, build forms/checklists, track incidents, manage schedules, host employee health records, store documents, post announcements, and more? Sounds like a lot of features in one platform, right? Sure is!

We’ve spent many years piecing together the puzzle to help organizations with their company/employee management needs….and would be happy to show you! Just send an email to learn more –

Visit Us at APCO!

Looking forward to talking with everyone at the APCO 85th Annual Conference & Expo! Come and visit!

Check out Our Forms Module!

Looking for a better way to manage/track/report on various forms used at your agency? If so, we offer a very robust Forms module! We have many templates that can be copied and customized, such as vehicle inspections, clinical assessments, daily observations, new hire orientation, and many more!

Or just build your own from scratch with flexible designs, security parameters, and automated workflow/notifications. Reach out to us at to learn more!

Check out Our Education Module

Looking for a platform to administer online education at your agency? Yup, we can help with that!

You can upload your own content, create exams, assign courses, and track completions. If you need content, we can help with that too. We have a library (450+ courses) that contains content for EMS, Nursing, Fire and Safety!

Next Stop: APCO 2019

Now that Pinnacle is over, which is always a great conference, it’s time to look forward.

In a couple weeks, we’ll be headed to Baltimore for APCO 2019. Really cool (and huge) public safety communications conference. Look forward to going again and meeting some great folks!

Visit Us at Pinnacle 2019!

Getting excited to go to Orlando next week for Pinnacle 2019 – Proud to be the Learning Partner! Stop by booth #62 to say hi and ask us how our software platform can help you!

Consolidating Software Systems

Looking to consolidate software systems? We can help! We offer LMS, Credential Tracking, Workforce Scheduling, Quality Improvement, and More!

To learn more, contact us at to setup an online demo!

Leave Management is Here!

This robust tool is designed for employees to request time off and for administrators to track and manage those time off requests.

It is completely customizable for your company’s needs: create unlimited leave types and policies, set initial balances, automate balance calculations, and more! Contact us for more information –

Visit Us at EMS PRO!

Just 2 days away! We’re excited to exhibit at EMS PRO Expo at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT. Stop by booth #410 and ask us about the new exciting features that just came out!

Celebrating EMS Week

This week is EMS Week – thank you to all EMS providers for their service and dedication to serving their communities!

MI EMS Expo!

We look forward to seeing our fellow Michiganders this week at the MI EMS Expo! If you plan to attend, don’t forget to stop by our booth for your Drink Ticket for the Welcome Reception!

Visit Us at the 2019 ZOLL Summit!

Getting excited for the trip to Denver next week! We’ll be at the 2019 ZOLL Summit from Tuesday – Thursday. Stop by booth #12 and talk software with us!

Midwest EMS Expo

Heading out to Bloomington, MN today! Stop by to talk software, drinks on us!

Join Us at the 2019 Midwest EMS Expo!

We are just three weeks away from the 2019 Midwest EMS Expo! We’re signed up and excited to be the Platinum Reception sponsor this year! Look forward to meeting some new folks and hope to see some of our clients!

Now Hiring Software Trainer!

Looking for a challenge in your career with a team-oriented company that values your contribution? We are looking for you! We need to add to our growing team and are in need of a self-motivated, tech savvy, high energy professional with experience in customer service and/or training.

Check it out at

Happy National Doctors’ Day!

It’s National Doctors’ Day! Today we recognize physicians for their hard work and dedication to providing quality care and commitment to their communities.

Patient Safety Awareness Week

This week (March 10 – 16) is Patient Safety Awareness Week. Our friends at CPS help to promote, support, and celebrate the daily efforts to improve patient safety!

Visit Us At SMEMSIC!

Traverse City here we come! Not the best time of the year to visit, but excited nevertheless. We always enjoy talking with our fellow Michiganders at SMEMSIC and proud to be the welcome reception sponsor. Hope to see some of you soon!

Come Join Us for Ems Today 2019!

The time has finally come – our first conference of 2019! We’ll be traveling next week to National Harbor, MD for 2019 EMS Today. You can find us at booth #1635.

Oh yeah, we’re sponsoring a hosted bar (near our booth) during the Expo Hall reception, so stop by and have one on us. Hope to see you there!

Check out Our 2019 Conference Plans

Our 2019 conference plans are coming together – check out all of the great shows we plan to exhibit at this year…this list will continue to grow over the next month, so check back for updates!

The New Year Is Here and We’re Here to Help!

Start the new year off right – let us help you to consolidate your processes into one robust software platform!

Happy Holidays!

We will be closed in observation of the holidays on December 24, 25, 31 and January 1.

Wrap up Your HR Year with Solutions from NBS!

Working on wrapping up the year with Employee Health / HR requirements?

We have a great solution and it’s included with NBS packages. Our tools can be used to record, track, and store employee profiles, employment history, routine health events, and much more!

Check out Our Quality Improvement Tools

We all know every company needs an organized system to answer the questions “Are we promoting safety?”, “Do we have established plans and procedures?”, “Are the plans working?”.

Uploading your health, safety, and quality policies to NBS is a great way to start. Utilizing the Quality Improvement tool, with pre-defined and custom-defined incidents, aids in improving execution of those plans.

Come Visit us at Texas EMS

Getting excited for the trip to Fort Worth – conference kicks off this Sunday!

Visit us at AMTC 2018!

AMTC 2018 is under way – stop by and see us at booth #1209!

Fire Prevention Week

It is Fire Prevention Week – check out what events are happening in your local area with your Fire Department!

The Ninth Brain staff would like to express our appreciation to all the Fire Fighters who work everyday to protect lives and property. We acknowledge their dedication and service to their communities!

American Pharmacists Month

October is American Pharmacists Month and Ninth Brain joins them in celebrating the importance and accomplishments of their profession.

Their contributions to the medical field not only include preparing and distributing prescriptions, but have expanded to encompass patient consultations and medication therapy that are vital to healthy outcomes!

Need help with a Paperwork Overload?

Have paper overload? If so, we can help! Our Form Builder provides organized documentation with conditional logic and workflow communications.

We offer existing templates, flexible design choices, security parameters, and automated notifications. Some typical forms created by our clients – Flight/Run Debrief, Vehicle Inspection, Daily Observation Report, New Hire Orientation, and more. By the way, we also have a Checklist Builder!

Check out our Risk Assessment Tool!

Workplace fatigue is a common issue within EMS, as personnel work long shifts and are exposed to significant time pressure, stress, and work environments. We understand that conducting risk assessments can be a vital element for health and safety management, so we offer a tool just for that!

Our Risk Assessment tool is fully customizable, so you can build dynamic Risk Assessment forms that fit your organization. Create your own questions, point system, thresholds, and who should be notified based on the results.

Don’t just accept the risk, ask us about our Risk Assessment tool and other features within our Quality Improvement module –

Always Striving for the Best Service

We strive to offer the best-in-class software and customer support for our clients. Nothing more worthwhile than getting the job done!

“Ninth Brain has changed how we provide education within our organization. Taking us to the digital era reducing the amount of time used to track and document competencies, required education and credentials. Additionally, allowing our staff to create innovative ways to provide education through an online platform is exceptional. The customer service through Ninth Brain is remarkable! Thank you for all you do to support MedFlight!”

Director of Education MedFlight, Columbus, OH

The Conference Tour Continues: AAA Conference

APCO 2018 was an impressive conference – met some great folks in public safety communications. Now looking forward to heading back to Las Vegas in a few weeks to see our friends at the AAA conference! Come join us!

Heading to Las Vegas for APCO!

The conference tour continues – now heading to Las Vegas for APCO!

APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo is an event, for public safety communication officials, that offers four days of educational sessions, committee meetings, special events, and 2 days of exhibits. For anyone in attendance, stop by our booth (421) to say hi!

Pinnacle and the New Safety Culture Assessment!

Pinnacle is kicking off today and our new partner, Center for Patient Safety, is launching its Safety Culture Assessment! This latest tool provides EMS agencies with benchmarking opportunities to improve culture and reduce preventable harm.

BTW – we’ll be at booth #57 tomorrow, stop by and say hi!

For more information on the Safety Culture Assessment, read this article.

Check out our new Affiliations Page!

To help us craft the best software around, we like to be involved in the healthcare industry and support important associations that our clients are involved in. Please check out our new affiliations page to see what we’ve been up to!

Teaming up with our friends at the Center for Patient Safety

Thank you to our friends at the Center for Patient Safety (CPS) for participating in our webinar this week! They discussed the importance of culture, including examples of highly successful organizational cultures, how you can assess your own culture, and strategies to develop change.

We now offer their Safety Culture Assessment within our system. Our clients will receive a 20% discount off of the CPS assessment cost if they wish to have them analyze their results! To learn more about Center for Patient Safety –

Sponsoring Pinnacle As Learning Partner

This year Pinnacle will be held on July 23rd – 27th in Phoenix. Always a great event – proud to be the Learning Partner and excited to show off our new Run Log and Risk Assessment tools! View the full list of sponsors as well as exhibitor hours here:

A Trip to Ohio

Sorry MI friends, but we’re excited for the upcoming trip to OH….IO! We’ll be exhibiting on Friday (7/13) and Saturday (7/14) at the Hilton Columbus at Easton. We’re ready to talk with some folks about their software needs and offer up solutions!

Supporting the Wings of Mercy

On Saturday, June 23rd, we’ll be running along the runaway of the Linden Price’s airport in support of the Wings of Mercy East Michigan. They provide free air transportation, in General Aviation Aircraft, for patients with limited incomes needing treatment at medical centers surrounding Eastern Michigan. Hope to see some of our Michigander friends there supporting this great cause!

Center for Patient Safety Integration

Our partnership with Center for Patient Safety (CPS) makes the process easy for our clients to share patient safety events within our QI module to CPS automatically! Contact us to learn more about our integration –

New Run Log Tool!

We’ve recently released our new Run Log tool that simplifies the process of collecting and analyzing pertinent information related to a run!

This tool is completely customizable to match the needs of your company’s process and provides the ability to store all relevant data in one area, such as risk assessments, debrief & utilization forms, GAMUT metrics, and any incidents that may have occurred during the run.

For more information on this and other features, check us out at or send an email to

Happy Memorial Day!

Let us remember and honor all military personnel who lost their lives protecting this great nation and for all those who still do!

Happy Memorial Day!

National EMS Week

This week is National EMS Week – Our team wants to say Thank You to all EMS professionals who dedicate their lives to helping others and saving lives!

This year’s theme is EMS Strong: Stronger Together

National EMS Weekend of Honor

Tomorrow is the start of National EMS Weekend of Honor. There are a series of events honoring EMS professionals who have lost their lives in the line of duty. We would like to pay tribute to all of those who have fallen and their families, as we greatly appreciate everyone that works so hard to provide emergency services in their communities.

National Police Week

Ninth Brain recognizes National Police Week. We’d like to thank all of our law enforcement officers for their service and dedication to protecting the citizens of their communities!

Enjoying the Zoll Conference

Here at the Zoll conference to talk about our scheduling, education, credential tracking, and QI software capabilities! And giving away fun keychain/bottle opener/flashlight/tape measure gadget – a favorite by many!

National Nurses’ Week and National Hospital Week

Ninth Brain celebrates National Nurses’ Week and National Hospital Week. We’d like to recognize all nurses and other staff who promote their hospital’s mission of health and wellness. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to the healing profession!

International Firefighters’ Day!

Today is International Firefighters’ Day. Our Ninth Brain team would like to express our appreciation to all who work in this industry protecting lives and property. We acknowledge their dedication to their communities around the world – Thank you for your service!

Michigan EMS Expo in Mackinac Island Today!

It’s time for the Michigan EMS Expo in Mackinac Island – starts today. We are excited to be a sponsor again this year! We not only have great information to share on our software, but also free drink tickets!

Join us at FDIC International this week!

FDIC International is a huge fire industry conference that is being held in Indy this week. We are really excited to participate this year and talk with all the great folks that work hard to keep us safe – stop by Booth #4153, in the Indiana Convention Center to learn how we can help you with tracking training hours, delivering education, and scheduling your team for work!

Thank you Snuggle Sacks!

What a fun day yesterday helping out a wonderful cause with our Ninth Brain team. Thank you again Snuggle Sacks for helping out those in need within our local communities! #TheSnuggleIsReal

Celebrating Client Anniversaries!

This week we’re happy to be celebrating some client anniversaries – Hoke County Emergency Communication, Manteca District Ambulance, Westcom Emergency Communications, CareFlight, and Mercy Life Line. We thank them for their continued business and look forward to many more years together!

Celebrating National Volunteer Week!

Happy National Volunteer Week! Our Ninth Brain team is celebrating by supporting and volunteering for a local charity called Snuggle Sacks. They assemble survival kits for the homeless and distribute them to shelters, soup kitchens, and government agencies throughout Southeast Michigan. To learn more about this wonderful cause, visit them at

Congratulations to our Clients!

Great to be here at CCTMC and see our clients receive recognition for their hard work in education and supporting others in education! Cory Oaks from Classic Air Medical is this year’s recipient for the Tim Hynes Award and Teresa Elder from Flight for Life Colorado is this year’s recipient for the Distinguished CFRN Award. Congratulations Cory and Teresa!!

Join us in San Antonio for CCTMC!

The Critical Care Transport Medicine Conference is next week – we look forward to seeing our clients, and future clients, at this great event! During the conference there will be a Silent Auction Fundraiser to support the Tim Hynes Foundation. We’re proud to help support this noble cause, as the proceeds will be used to enhance safety in medical transports and provide development opportunities to improve the paramedics’ abilities in leadership.

See you in San Antonio!

Join us at the SMEMSIC Conference!

Good Morning! Ready to talk education, scheduling, and compliance needs with some great folks! Join us at the SMEMSIC Conference!

Our Clients Supporting the Children’s Miracle Network

Our great clients working to support the Children’s Miracle Network at Sanford Children’s, so more kids can receive lifesaving care closer to home. What a great program – give them a call!

Celebrating Certified Nurses!

A big thanks to all certified nurses for their hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence! And a special thanks to our very own certified nurse (Mary) who does an excellent job training our clients to maximize performance within our Ninth Brain system!

SMEMSIC Conference in Traverse City Next Week!

Next week is the SMEMSIC conference in Traverse City, MI. We’re proud to be a sponsor and really excited to chat with our fellow Michiganders….about the long winter (snow/ice/school cancellations) and maybe software

Patient Safety Awareness Week

March 11-17 is Patient Safety Awareness Week (PSAW)! In recognition of PSAW 2018, the Center for Patient Safety encourages you to acknowledge and celebrate the daily efforts to improve patient safety.

Time for EMS Today!

EMS Today time! Come see us at our booth and sign up to win a Free Echo Spot!

Ambulance Medicare Add-Ons Renewed!

Fantastic News! A big thanks to everyone who worked so hard to get the Ambulance Medicare Add-Ons renewed!

EMS Today Is Coming Soon! Join Us!

EMS Today is only 2 weeks away! We’ll be at booth #1632 – stop by so we can talk your ear off about our Learning Management System, Workforce Scheduling, Quality Improvement and much more! Oh yeah we’re giving away an Echo Spot, so make sure we scan your badge for the drawing!

Extension of Medicare Ambulance Add-ons Passes The House!

Great News – The House passed legislation which includes the extension of the Medicare ambulance add-ons! Now off to the Senate for consideration…..

Measuring Fatigue and Risk in your EMS Personnel

The number of fatigue-related safety incidences involving EMS personnel and their patients is on the rise. Measuring fatigue of your staff and offering solutions to minimize fatigue is what this article is all about. We’ve recently added a great, customizable assessment tool to help our clients measure risk as well as fatigue – Contact us to learn more!

Fatigue in EMS Risk Management Guidelines Go Live

EMS Today Conference and Expo!

We’re so excited for this conference next month! Take advantage of the discount by registering soon – Hope to see you there!

Sign up now!

Support Renewing and Extending Ambulance Medicare Add-ons

With the ambulance Medicare add-ons expired, please show support to renew and extend this important revenue source by writing your members of Congress today!

Show Support!

Ninth Brain Webinar: Patient Safety Organizations

Happy New Year! Let this year’s resolution be about building a stronger patient safety culture inside your healthcare organization. Learn what you can do today to reduce preventable patient harm by joining our Ninth Brain webinar to hear from our friends at Center for Patient Safety! You will learn about Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs), ongoing educational opportunities and actionable next steps for your organization. This FREE webinar is at 3pm EST on January 16th.

Register now!

Update to the OSHA Deadline: We Can Help!

Update – Deadline for OSHA Electronic Injury Reporting has been extended from December 15th to December 31, 2017. The new rule requires injury reports be submitted electronically and are being phased in by employer size.

Good news – NBS has an Employee Health feature that has built-in OSHA forms and the ability to generate a report that can be uploaded to the OSHA electronic reporting site! Just reach out to us and we’d be happy to provide more details on our Employee Health module!

Injury Reporting

OSHA Deadline: Let NBS Help!

Deadline for OSHA Electronic Injury Reporting has been extended to December 15, 2017 – The new rule requires injury reports be submitted electronically and are being phased in by employer size.
Good news – NBS has you covered! Our Employee Health feature has built in OSHA forms and the ability to generate a report that can be directly uploaded to the new OSHA electronic reporting site!

Injury Reporting

AAA Conference

AAA conference is almost here! Looking forward to seeing some of our great clients and making new friends in Las Vegas! BTW – we’re the drink ticket sponsor, so stop by our booth (#207) and grab a drink ticket!

Recognizing Individual Dedication

Congratulations to all of the award recipients at Healthnet Aeromedical Services! We are proud to be a sponsor for these type of events where individuals get recognized for their hard work and dedication. A big thanks to all EMS professionals who strive to provide great service within their communities!

New Vehicles for our Clients

Looks like a few of our Fire Department Clients have new shiny rides that will be on the roads soon! Looking good Las Vegas Fire & Rescue and Indianapolis Fire!

AAA Conference and Clients Receiving Awards

AAA conference is right around the corner and we look forward to seeing everyone there! Congratulations to our clients on winning the awards listed below. We are proud to serve you and this wonderful industry!

Innovation in EMS Webinar ft. REMSA

It is inspiring to see how our clients pave the way with their innovative programs in the EMS industry. Our friends at REMSA are doing just that, from drones delivering defibrillators to establishing nurse triage lines and community paramedics. REMSA strives to continuously provide better service to their community.

Brenda Staffan, Chief Operating Officer of Integrated Health at REMSA, will share the results of REMSA’s innovative programs.

Click to sign-up for the upcoming complimentary webinar to learn how they are achieving success! .

Keep up the good work REMSA!

Looking Forward to the Next AMTC

We had an amazing time at AMTC17!!! It was fun hanging out with our clients and meeting new people in this great industry. We look forward to seeing all of our friends again next year in Phoenix!

AMTC is Here!

Ready to see friends and make friends at AMTC!

SMEMSIC Conference

The Society of Michigan EMS Instructor Coordinators was a fun one! We had a great conference, great weather (lots of sunshine), and good times hanging out with our friends from Grandville Fire!

Come See Us at SMEMSIC Today

Setting up to get ready to talk to some great folks here at the SMEMSIC conference in good ole Michigan! Come razz our newest Client Services employee Tim!


A Special Thank You to Those Who Help

We are deeply saddened by the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas last night. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, families of the victims and the community.

We hope our friends at Las Vegas Fire & Rescue and Life Guard International are safe and well.

And Thank You to all the Helpers out there!

Join Us at AMTC17!

Come and join us at AMTC17 this October! Stop by booth #1032 and say hi!


Facilitating Online Learning

Fitch & Associates provide great management programs to those in the industry. We are proud to provide our LMS software to facilitate their online learning.

Hard Working Clients

We are grateful to serve clients that work so hard each and every day! Great job Healthnet!

Read Their Post Here

September-October Issue of Air Medical Journal

The September-October issue of Air Medical Journal is now available online. We are proud to support the Association of Air Medical Services with our subscription and advertisement!

Congratulations to Richard Romanek, 2017 Preceptor of the Year

Ninth Brain congratulates Richard Romanek (Sunstar EMS) on his award – 2017 Preceptor of the Year! We love to see our clients get recognized for their achievements!

Read the Article Here

Aiding EMS agencies in the Initial and Re-Accreditation Process

Ninth Brain provides a user-friendly software that aids EMS agencies in the initial and re-accreditation process. Many of our clients are CAMTS accredited and have participated in the CAMTS 2017 Best Practices issue!

Read the Article Here

2 Year Anniversary

22nd of August is a great day to showcase our clients who are celebrating their 2 Year Anniversary with Ninth Brain!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Oologah-Talala EMS District, Osage Ambulance Transport, Republic EMS, Grace Ambulance Transport, and Camden on Gauley Medical Center.

Thank you for your continued business!

Working in a Highly Regulated Industry?

When working in a highly regulated industry like we all do, life is complex. We juggle compliance issues, scheduling, education, and communication needs all day … every day. Ninth Brain offers a feature rich, cloud-based software suite that simplifies your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on what you love about your job.

Come stop by our booth tomorrow at the Pinnacle Leadership & Management conference to learn more.

Want To Meet Us?

Folks from Ninth Brain would love a chance to meet you too! We will be at the upcoming Pinnacle conference in sunny Florida!
Drop by booth #53 and see why we are the Learning Partner for the Pinnacle 2017 EMS Leadership & Management Conference!

Pinnacle EMS

Congratulations to Gold Cross Ambulance!

Wow – Congratulations to our clients at Gold Cross Ambulance!


Gold Cross Ambulance, based in Utah, has earned the American Heart Association’s highest EMS award – “Mission: Lifeline EMS Gold Plus Award”



Read the Article Here

Great Demonstration

While we where at the Fire Rescue International conference we had a great opportunity to watch a demonstration on gear removal of an injured or burned firefighter safely. These guys know what they are doing!

Great Story about our friends at East Texas Medical Center

We love that our software helps our clients with their daily operations so they can focus on helping others! Great story about our friends at East Texas Medical Center below.

Read Story

Now On Demand: Saving Time and Money Webinar

In case you missed it. You can watch the webinar brought to you by AAA that provides important information on the latest from Washington, including updates on the extension of the ambulance Medicare bonus payments, current regulatory issues, and the protection and preservation of life-sustaining non-emergency medical transportation.

Now On Demand: Saving Time and Money Webinar

We Participated!

Thank you to AMR, ACEP, and IAFC for promoting this very valuable skill and encouraging others to learn it.

70,112 individuals were trained in bystander CPR based on this initiative! Inevitably, several of the people trained will use their knowledge to step up and help out in an actual Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We hear these stories often, and they are always astonishing.

Among the 350,000 victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the US, they expect to see almost 37,800 survivors in the coming year. And if 40,000 survivors doesn’t seem spectacular to you, remember that it has almost double what they believe it was just a decade ago.

Happy 10 Years!

Celebrating 10 years of partnership with our friends at Mercy Flights in Medford, OR. Thank you to the staff at Mercy Flights for your continued business and support!

Push to Save!

Ninth Brain is taking on the world CPR Challenge for EMS week by having a team outing at a training facility for Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED course. We urge others to sign-up to learn these life saving techniques!

For more information on the World CPR Challenge, visit

EMS Strong

National EMS Week is coming up and our Ninth Brain team wants to say Thank You to all the EMS professionals who strive to save lives every day! Check out the following site to learn more about the EMS Strong initiative.

“EMS Strong is the willingness to keep learning and growing, as an individual and as part of a profession that’s evolving into a true partner in the healthcare continuum”

National Police Week

Did you know? In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as Police Week. Currently, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers from around the world converge on Washington, DC to participate in a number of planned events which honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

We tip our hats off to all who work in law enforcement to protect each and every one of us!

To learn more – visit

National Hospital Week

This week is National Hospital Week! National Hospital Week, the nation’s largest healthcare event, is a time to recognize hospital staff and promote hospitals’ missions of health and wellness. This year’s event is sponsored by the American Hospital Association.

Thank You to everyone who works in a hospital to help all those in need!

Happy Nurses Day!

We respect and honor all nurses who make a difference in the world each and every day! And we appreciate our own registered nurse who helps educate our clients on our software system – Thank you Mary Mitus!


We are excited to see our fellow Michiganders at the MI EMS Expo this week! Drop by to say hi if you will also be attending and pick up an extra drink ticket on us for Friday’s reception. Can’t beat a conference on the beautiful Mackinac Island!

Fatigue Risk Management

Need a Nap? EMS providers may need one.

To read more:…/research-findings-call-for-mandat…

Dispatcher Stroke Evaluation

As many of us know, emergency medical dispatchers are crucial members of the EMS team. A new study, released by AEDR in March, shows that dispatch can play a critical role in stroke evaluation.

You can learn more here

EMS Payment Reform

Check out this informative EMS1 webinar featuring AAA’s Payment Reform Chair Asbel Montes of Acadian Ambulance.

National Donate Life Day

Did you know that the largest football stadium in the US could not fit the number of patients on the national transport waiting list? There are 118,000 men, women, and children waiting for lifesaving organ transplants right now.

Today is National Donate Life Blue & Green Day!

During this day, the public is encouraged to wear blue and green to promote the success of organ, eye and tissue transplantation and the extreme need for registered donors.


Enjoying CCTMC this week. Happy to donate to the silent auction to support the Tim Haynes Foundation.

Thank You!

Our staff at Ninth Brain want to say Thank You to those Dispatchers and Telecommunicators who answer and manage the calls of citizens in need everyday!

Every year during the second week of April, the telecommunications personnel in the public safety community, are honored. This week-long event is a time to celebrate and thank those who dedicate their lives to serving the public. Read more here.


We look forward to seeing our clients and future clients at the upcoming Critical Care Transport Medicine Conference. See you all in San Antonio!

Happy Anniversary!

We love to build relationships with our clients and see their organizations prosper. Celebrating 15 years of partnership with our friends at Three Rivers Ambulance Authority!

American Medical Response and Lyft Announce Partnership

AMR and Lyft announce partnership that supports AMR’s “One Call” service for healthcare systems’ integrated patient transport programs. You can read more here.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you, or whatever accrediting body you report to, can easily verify any course completion certificate to make sure the printed certificate is valid? Ninth Brain takes data integrity very seriously. Simply use the unique URL at the bottom of each certificate to make sure the printout matches the data in Ninth Brain Suite!

National Healthcare Legislation Update for EMS Agencies

Happy Anniversary!

Celebrating 5 years of partnership with our friends at City of Lenexa Fire Department and West Des Moines EMS!

It’s Patient Safety Awareness Week

To learn more and spread the word visit here

New MedFlight base expands emergency transport services

Congrats to our clients at MedFlight for expanding their services to help more patients!



“Ignite Your Advocacy” Photo Contest of 2017 – CQ Roll Call

Vote for AAA Stars of Life in the CQ Roll Call photo contest! Your support can help us win free access to an important tool for grassroots EMS advocacy. Please share with your teams, and vote daily until April 15–we’d really appreciate it!  Vote here.


Congratulations to John for winning the Amazon Echo at the show!

EMS Today

We had a great turnout at EMS Today last week. It was wonderful to meet new people and always great to catch up with our clients and hear suggestions and ideas!

This is what the ambulance of the future looks like

To be unveiled by Ford at the Chicago Auto Show this weekend, the high-tech ambulance is built to mimic a traveling intensive care center.  It was custom-crafted for University of Chicago Medicine.


EMS Today

Ninth Brain looks forward to seeing folks at EMS Today on Thursday this week. Come visit us at Booth #1934. We would love to talk with you about how we can simplify your work life and also simplify your personal life by signing up for a chance to win an Amazon Echo!

Congratulations to our client Air EMS!

MI Rural EMS Conference

Ready bright and early to talk to our fellow Michiganders.

We hope to see our MI friends at this week’s MI EMS Summit on February 15-16, 2017 at the Henry Center for Executive Development in Lansing.

We are proud to support Michigan Rural EMS Network (MiREMS), a non-profit organization that supports EMS professionals and EMS agencies that provide prehospital care in rural Michigan.

When Those Sirens Are Gone

Powerful song has a video depicting “just another day in a first responder’s life” written by Kevin Davison who is a paramedic/firefighter.

Medical Helicopter Base Planned in Marshall County

Congratulations to our client HealthNet Aeromedical Services and their new expansion plans!


Ninth Brain celebrates 8 years serving Eagle County Paramedic Services! We thank you for your continued support and business and wish you a successful 2017!

Happy Anniversary!

Starting off the month of February right with celebrating 12 years of partnership with Mercy Flight Western New York.  We thank you for your continued support and business and wish you a successful 2017!

Powerful AAA article below on helping ambulance organizations be identified as healthcare providers.

“Ambulance organizations provide more uncompensated care than any other healthcare professional in the U.S…. Ambulance organizations must be ready to provide any service at any moment at any hour of any day. There are no “office hours” or closed signs.”

Click here to read the full article.

We love celebrating our partnerships with our wonderful clients! Happy 3 year anniversary to our friends at Flight for Life and American Ambulance! We look forward to many more great years of helping you with your business needs!

Ambulance Payment Reform

This video does a great job explaining the struggle for EMS companies in our country. Ambulance companies have been facing diminishing reimbursement, short-sighted regulations, and rising costs. If companies can not afford to keep ambulances running, we as citizens lose the help we sometimes take for granted. The American Ambulance Association needs our help to build the future of EMS! Check out the video!

AAMS Issues Drone Safety Video

Great message to share for safety for all! #LandTheDrone

Click here to see video.

Thank you to our clients at Alfalfa County EMS in Oklahoma for 5 years of your partnership! Look forward to many more!

Happy New Year!

Most of us have New Year’s resolutions for personal or professional growth. A few EMS Leaders share theirs here.

We can’t think of a better way to kick off the New Year than celebrating 14 years of partnership with our Clients at New Britain EMS! Thank you New Britain EMS for your continued partnership and we look forward to another amazing year together!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All!

Ninth Brain wishes everyone a holiday filled with happiness and joy! We are so thankful to have had an amazing year at our company and thank each and every one of our employees and clients! We really value our partnerships and look forward to another wonderful year together!


Congrats Carl From Life Guard International On Winning The Fitbit Blaze Drawing!


Excited To See Everyone Today At AMTC! Stop By Our Booth To Say Hi!

Yay It’s Friday!

Does Your Brain Feel Like The Picture On The Left Especially On Fridays? If So, We Can Help! Check Out Our Brain On The Right. The Ninth Brain Folks Will Be At The Air Medical Transport Conference Next Week In Charlotte. Stop By Our Booth To Learn More On How We Can Help You!

Giving Tuesday

It is #GivingTuesday ! There are so many great organizations out there to support. We are happy to support MedEvac Foundation International.

Donations will support families of fallen air medical crews, fund research, provide scholarships, and support safety initiatives like Vision Zero and Digital Safety Stories.

Paramedics Plus Honored By American Heart Association

Great Job Paramedics Plus – Sioux Falls! They Recently Received The American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline EMS Bronze Level Recognition Award For Implementing Quality Improvement Measures For The Treatment Of Patients Who Experience Severe Heart Attacks.

Learn More.


Happy Anniversary

Celebrating 5 years of partnership with our friends at Yakima County EMS. We look forward to many more great years together!


Great time at AAA for the opening reception last night. Come visit our booth today in the exhibit hall!


Congratulations To Our Client, Mark Postma, For President Of AAA!

Why EMS Providers Are At Risk Of Becoming A Second Victim

An Important Article To Read By EMS1.Com And Our Friends At Center For Patient Safety.

Learn More. 

Happy 35th!

We want to wish our client, Mercy Flight, a Happy 35th Anniversary! Over the last 35 years, Mercy Flight has grown from one part-time crew, to 24/7 air and ground operations in Buffalo, Batavia, Olean, Springville, and Niagara. Transporting over 24,000 patients by helicopter, and conducting countless community education and training missions, Mercy Flight has truly been Western New York’s “Beacon of Hope….when minutes matter”! We are proud to support your cause and wish you another great 35 years of success!