Careers at Ninth Brain

A career at Ninth Brain will stimulate your professional growth and provide personal satisfaction by presenting you with opportunities and challenges in your field.

Individuals are given specific responsibilities based on their skills and level of experience. We look for candidates who have character, integrity, a healthy work ethic, and the ability to work well with others. You will be part of an environment where all team members work together towards a common goal of developing a superior product and maintaining a strong ongoing relationship with our clients.

To apply for a job at Ninth Brain, please email your resume to Courtney@NinthBrain.Com.

Current Open Positions

Cranium Concierge – Junior Sales Associate

Ninth Brain ( is currently seeking a Junior Sales Associate with experience in the EMS / First Responder industry to join our team. The Junior Sales Associate is primarily committed to supporting sales initiatives and will report directly to the Brain Ambassador (Lead Salesperson).  This individual will provide support, demonstrations, communication, documentation, etc. for sales efforts.  Light on sales experience? That’s okay!  With the perfect blend of EMS industry experience and engaging personality traits, you should fit right in! (more info)