Credential Management

Credential Management

Ease the administrative load with Ninth Brain’s robust credential management—tailored for the EMS sector. Stay ahead of expiring credentials such as EMT and EMT-P, avoiding fines and ensuring uninterrupted Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements.

EMS personnel appreciate the 24/7 access to their certification and license information, facilitating a ready-for-action status anytime, anywhere. Our solution scales to meet the demands of both large and small EMS agencies, proving indispensable across the board.  And our software not only tracks credentials but integrates with Education and Credential Verification, providing a comprehensive solution.

Key features include:

  • Define required credentials for each job title – National/State, Predefined (ACLS, BLS, ICS, etc.), and Company Defined (create your own!)
  • Attach a copy of the credential, license, or other important documents
  • Utilize our credential approval feature to allow employees to add their own credential records, with Admin approval/denial
  • Keep up to date with real-time monitoring and reporting of expiring licenses and certifications
  • Define expiration alert parameter – who, how, recurrent and delivery method to keep everyone in the know
  • Track credits needed and earned for all your credential renewal needs
  • Real-time and scheduled Credential reports

Credential Management

Over 11.2 Million credential expiration alerts sent. Nothing gets past us!
We utilize Ninth Brain for many of the features, our EMS personnel love the credentials section so that their certifications and license information is available to them anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 365 days a year! The system provides many features that are extremely useful to large and small agencies alike.
E-Learning Content Development and System Administrator Indianapolis EMS, Indianapolis, IN
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