Navigating the demands of a bustling EMS environment necessitates seamless communication, regardless of the hour. Our Ninth Brain Suite (NBS) centralizes your communication, ensuring smooth interactions within your team around-the-clock.

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum is your digital hub for real-time conversations with your management and personnel. Create various forums and topics, fostering discussions on critical issues such as patient care, protocol revisions, and more.

NBS Community

NBS Community

The NBS Community promotes knowledge exchange amidst the evolving healthcare landscape. Engage in meaningful dialogues, share insights, and collaborate on pressing topics with other EMS professionals.

  • Business administrators request permission to access the NBS Community
  • Subscribe to forums and topics that interest you and your company
  • Get notifications and utilize the dashboard for quick viewing
  • Use the “Report” or “Ask” buttons to contact Ninth Brain customer support
Announcements and Memos

Announcements and Memos

By utilizing our intracompany communication system, you can effortlessly send messaging and track “read” status of that message. Keep your staff in the loop with important information, such as:

  • Mandatory meetings
  • Work schedules
  • New rules and regulations
  • Extra work opportunities
  • Company newsletters
  • Status sheets
  • Open staffing positions
  • Truck assignments
  • Safety alerts
Helping over 1.1 Million client-to-staff connections through memos since 2001.
As the footprint of Sanford Health has grown so have the operations of Sanford AirMed. Ninth Brain has been an instrumental tool in our ability to organize, standardize and communicate effectively throughout our operations. Ninth Brain has also been a key component in the development and administration of our safety and quality programs.
Enterprise Executive Director Sanford AirMed, Fargo, ND
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