Run Log

Run Log

Accurate and high-quality data collection is pivotal in EMS operations. Ninth Brain’s Run Log tool empowers EMS agencies with the critical data needed for insightful operational analysis and continuous improvement​​.

This tool simplifies the process of collecting and analyzing pertinent information related to a run. Equip your team with our platform to capture essential run details, link relevant Risk Assessments, complete Debrief & Utilization forms, facilitate Chart Reviews, track GAMUT metrics, and manage any incidents occurring during the run.  The Run Log is completely customizable to match the needs of your company’s process and is a centralized hub for easy access and review.

Key Features:

  • Create an unlimited number of Run Log types – Flight, Ground, Non-Patient, Drill, etc.
  • Develop forms from scratch or utilize Ninth Brain templates for Debrief, Utilization Review, and/or Chart Review
  • Use Priority I and II identifiers and automatically alert individuals
  • Require crew member sign off for Debriefs
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer or managerial review of attached Patient Charts
  • Track QI incidents directly on the run
  • Include GAMUT fields for quick GAMUT metric collection
  • Link Risk Assessments to runs
  • View Customizable Run Log Listing Grid to view information that is important to you
  • Utilize our reporting area with expansive filtering tools to pull Run Log details and GAMUT metric summary report
Bringing Ninth Brain on-board to sort out our daily requirements, as well as our quality improvement process, was the best thing we ever did. Their staff is incredibly attentive and understanding of the air medical industry as we explained what we have done in the past and offered great suggestions on how to improve it. This program is a must for anyone in the industry looking to organize their operations process.
Clinical Educator West Michigan Air Care, Kalamazoo, MI
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