Workforce Scheduling

Workforce Scheduling

NBS Scheduling is focused on precision placement of your workforce – which means getting the RIGHT PERSON, to the RIGHT JOB, at the RIGHT TIME.

As with all aspects of NBS, it is easy to customize the scheduling tool to meet your specifications.  Once your rules and preferences are set, the rigorous day-to-day task of creating schedules is eliminated.  Even filling short-term absences is stress-free as you can easily locate individuals who qualify as replacements. Activate the Time Clock feature to provide your staff with an easy clock in/out experience.

Ninth Brain Suite strives to deliver a unique set of tools working as a synchronized unit.  The Scheduling component is no exception.  It is designed to work within Ninth Brain Suite for merging data and streamlining processes.

Feature set includes:

  • Scalable Crew Scheduling
  • Dynamic Shift Patterns Builder
  • Rotation Creation with Employee Assignment
  • Assign Vehicles to Shifts
  • Automated Schedule Generator
  • Five Interactive Viewpoints of the Schedule
  • Employee iCal Option to View Schedule
  • Employee Credential Rule Check
  • Work Status Rules
  • Open Shift Bidding Including on Time Off Requests
  • Employee Availability Tracking
  • Sick and Injury Management
  • Leave Management Process
  • Schedule Change Tracking
  • Intermittent, On-Call, and Ride Along Shifts
  • Shift Notifications
  • Simple Clock-in/Clock-out Experience
  • Attendance Tracking and Communication
  • Time Sheet Export
We have been using Ninth Brain with great success and the scheduling module has been a great addition. With our bases and crews being spread out it is a great tool to centralize schedules while keeping them current. Crews can easily request time off as well as request to pick up open shifts allowing supervisors to quickly make schedule changes and reduce the number of last minute open shifts.
Flight Manager  Mercy Life Line,  Springfield, MO
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