Form + Checklist Builder

Form + Checklist Builder

Tired of endless paper trails in your EMS operations? The need for thorough documentation and compliance checks in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) sector is imperative. Ninth Brain’s Form and Checklist Builders are tailored for EMS providers, ensuring streamlined documentation, workflow communication, and immediate data reports. Assign forms to your personnel, track submission deadlines, and ensure timely compliance. Utilize our EMS industry templates or create your own from scratch.

Typical forms/checklists created by our clients:

  • Flight/Run Debrief Forms
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Just Culture Algorithm
  • Employee Self-Evaluation
  • Fatigue Assessment
  • Peer-to-Peer Chart Review
  • Clinical Skills Review
  • New Hire Skills Verification
  • Daily Vehicle Checklist
  • Pre-Flight Inventory
  • Narcotic Log
  • Jump Bag Check

Also, easily share forms via URL links for external use.  So, if you need non-Ninth Brain users to submit forms, no problem!  Some use cases for external forms:

  • Candidate Applications
  • Feedback Forms
  • Patient Surveys

Form + Checklist Builder

Over 1.2 Million client Form and Checklist submissions. Saving your sanity and the trees at the same time!
Ninth Brain Suite (NBS) has really made an enormous difference in the way that we track and trend our credentials, employees and their current status (Former, LOA, and current) in addition to the type of credential and expiration dates. In addition, the forms and reporting has made tracking and trending other operational aspects of our business easier, more efficient, and cost effective. We have been able to implement many paperless forms with automated reporting functions, in addition to having the ability to run reports on the submitted forms as well. I can’t say enough about NBS, the notification process through NBS alone is worth its weight in gold, and has transformed the way we conduct operational procedures for tracking deadlines which has saved many man hours.
Chief Compliance Officer Village Pharmacy, Waltham, MA
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