Is Ninth Brain Suite on my local computer or the internet?

Ninth Brain Suite is a Software As A Service (SAAS) product. You access Ninth Brain Suite from a web browser, it is not an application that gets installed on your computer. If you have access to the internet, then you can access Ninth Brain Suite.

What are the system requirements?

Ninth Brain Suite (NBS) is a web-based application. No software installation is necessary. The only requirement of the user is a computer with internet access.

How do I access Ninth Brain Suite?

NBS is accessible via the general address of which resolves to However, companies are able to set up a customized URL in the form of

Ninth Brain also partners with external vendors for education content. In order to view the content, users will need access to and In order to take advantage of SCORM based courses, users will need access to

What browser does Ninth Brain Suite support?

NBS is hosted and maintained on our servers and available via most popular browsers including, but not limited to, Chrome, Internet Explorer (version 11+), Firefox and Safari.

Is Ninth Brain Suite accessible on mobile devices?

NBS is accessible on mobile devices through the device’s web browser.

Does Ninth Brain Suite require any additional software?

General usage of NBS does not require any additional software. However, depending on your company’s usage of NBS, additional plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player or Adobe PDF Reader may be required to view education content and shared content.

Getting Started

When are software updates available?

Ninth Brain Suite (NBS) is under continual development as we add to and enhance the features of the system. On average, NBS is updated every one to three months, depending on the extent of the upgrade.

New features are generally broken down into phases. This allows us to speed delivery to our users and to receive early feedback. Because NBS is a hosted web application, all upgrades are applied to our servers, and no involvement is required by the customer. There is only one version of the software available at a given time.

Users are notified through system announcements posted to their NBS Dashboard when an upgrade is coming or has occurred. Detailed release notes are available for each release via a link on the NBS Dashboard. An extensive online help manual (available via software links and buttons) is continually updated when new features are added to the software.

What happens when I sign up for Ninth Brain Suite?

When the service agreement is signed you are contacted by a Ninth Brain trainer who walks you through the setup process. The trainer provides you with support, training, and assistance throughout the start-up period.

How do we learn to use Ninth Brain Suite?

Your Ninth Brain trainer will provide your management team with training and assistance via webinars, phone calls and email communication at no additional charge. On-site training may be arranged for a fee.

Who controls who has security access to my site?

You are in complete control of who in your organization is given view and administration security to NBS. Individual users typically have view security which allows them to view their own information. Selected members of your management team will have administration security to view and manage the features in NBS. Your Ninth Brain trainer will teach you how to manage individual security settings.

Can I add my own administrators?

Yes. You are not required to contact Ninth Brain in order to add site administration security. Your Ninth Brain trainer will teach you how to manage individual security settings.

Who owns my data?

All information, files and content uploaded remains the property of you, the customer.

What happens to my data if I leave?

Prior to termination, you will want to retrieve data using the Reports and various export tools found in the software.

While your data may reside on the Ninth Brain Suite servers for a period of time after the end of your contract, it will no longer be accessible and eventually be purged from the system.

Are software upgrades included?

Software maintenance, which includes maintenance releases, enhancements, new versions, bug fixes, additions and general modifications to the service, are provided at no additional fee.

How does Ninth Brain Suite notify me of maintenance or downtime?

Scheduled outages are usually scheduled during midnight and 8AM EST and customers are usually notified via a message on the login page at least 24 hours prior to maintenance.

Is there a limit to the amount of files or data we can add to Ninth Brain Suite?

NBS is hosted and maintained on our servers. It does not use space on your servers. There is no limit to the number of files, records or data that can be added to NBS. File size limits are in place on a per file basis and are described on the site.

I can't login. What do I do?


From the NBS Login page, click the “I forgot my username” or “I forgot my password” link to help you with this process.

If you continue to have problems logging in to Ninth Brain Suite, please contact your company’s password administrator for further assistance. For security reasons Ninth Brain Customer Support does not reset or update passwords.


How secure is Ninth Brain Suite?

Ninth Brain Suite (NBS) is secured using a SSL certificate which establishes a private communication channel between the client and the Ninth Brain servers enabling encryption of the data during transmission. Each user is assigned a username and password, the password is encrypted and irretrievable both by company administrators as well as Ninth Brain staff, but can be reset.

Key Points for software security include:

  • A company will control who has access to their site, what they may view, and what areas they may administer.
  • Passwords and other sensitive data are securely stored using encryption.
  • Company administrators will assign all security rights by individuals.
  • Audit Trails of changes to records are provided on many screens.
  • A company may elect to allow individuals to update their own personal record or may restrict this action to administrators only.
  • Alerts may be set up to notify administrators when a change has been made to an individual’s record, including what was changed, when the change occurred, and by whom.
Where are Ninth Brain Suite's servers located?

Ninth Brain Suite is hosted within the US Signal facilities Grand Rapids, Michigan. Physical access to the facility is handled by a restricted group of engineers and administrative personnel and governed by a list of authorized individuals maintained at the facility. When authorized personnel need access to this area, biometric access control with iris scanners on all doors are used to authenticate individuals, entry and exit times are recorded, and digital video surveillance is monitored live at US Signal network operation center with recordings kept for at least 90 days. Additionally, all racks and cabinets are locked at all times.

What is the network availability?

Our bandwidth is on demand, automatically scaling up to meet all of our clients’ needs. This means we are fully capable of handling a significant number of transmittals. Security of client data is very important to us, and we ensure its security through a variety of measures as described below. The hosting network will be available at least 99.5% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance. Critical infrastructure will be available 99.5% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance. Critical infrastructure includes functioning of all power and HVAC equipment including UPS, PDUs and cabling.

What type of security measures are in place at the data location?

To prevent natural circumstance failure, the facility contains temperature regulations, fire suppression, and electrical backup systems – both on the power grid as well as a diesel generator. There are also multiple connections to the internet backbone through a selection of primary carriers.

Our production environment is protected by an enterprise-grade firewall and intrusion protection system, which proactively blocks any traffic that appears to be an attack. All passwords are encrypted and are irretrievable, even by the individual users and system administrators.

Data Penetration Testing is performed by an outside agency to check the effectiveness of our security measures.

Exception Reporting

  • Ninth Brain receives exception reporting 24/7.
  • If required functions do not meet our requirements, alerts are sent out to our Network Administrator to investigate the action or inaction.
  • The requirements list is reviewed monthly and a physical inspection of the data center is done semi-annually.
  • The Data Center is monitored 24/7 with its own system of alerts and monitoring functions.
What happens if there is a data breach?

Ninth Brain Suite has experienced no data/security breaches since its inception. However, the following procedure is in place, should one occur in the future.

Once a data/security breach has been identified and we have determined the data files that were compromised and the effects to our customer’s operations, the following steps will be implemented:

  • Notice will be given to the affected company in NBS.
  • The Site Administrators will be contacted immediately by Ninth Brain to describe the affected data, identify the individual employees (if any), and work on a remedy with that company to minimize the event from happening again.
  • They will also address the effect of the data breach for those individuals or the company.
Is my data backed up?

Yes. All data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in a secure offsite location. Files that our customers upload are stored on servers that use modern techniques to remove bottlenecks and points of failure.


Can we add more individuals than what we signed up for?

Yes!  You can add more individuals than what is in the original contract.  Ninth Brain has the right to audit the number of users throughout the contract at any time.  If the user base is over 10% of the original user base, Ninth Brain has the right to charge accordingly for the increased usage.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Ninth Brain will provide monthly, quarterly, or upfront annual invoices for payment by check or ACH.