Quality Improvement Incident Tracker

Quality Improvement Incident Tracker

We all know every company needs an organized system to answer the questions “How are we doing?”; “Can we do better?”; “Are we promoting safety?”; “Do we have established plans and procedures?” and most important, “Are the plans working?”……After all, sound business practices advise it; industry accreditations, like CAAS and CAMTS,  demand it.

Uploading your health, safety, and quality policies, procedures and plans to NBS is a great way to start. Utilizing the Quality Improvement tool with pre-defined and custom-defined incidents aids in improving execution of those plans that you already have in place.

QI incident tracking made easy by having the following:

  • Nineteen predefined incident record templates, such as:
    • Medication Error
    • Equipment Failure
    • Patient Injury
    • Complaints
  • The ability to create your own company-specific incident records
  • Ability to create assignment workflow on a “need-to-know” basis
  • Notifications for incidents requiring review
  • Real-time reports to help you analyze key performance indicators
  • Communication with those involved for loop closure and notification requirements
  • QI Dashboard for quick and easy incident tracking & management
  • Customizable QI Listing Grid to view QI Incident Information important to you!

Quality Improvement Tracker

Over 1 Million Quality Improvement alerts sent. Now that is keeping everyone in the loop!
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