HR + Employee Health Records

HR + Employee Health Records

Ninth Brain Suite’s Human Management Resource tool and Employee Health Record tracker is designed to streamline and automate your staffing files through one central database. Do you find it challenging to manage ever-changing COVID Vaccine and COVID testing mandates? Do you find it difficult to keep HR paperwork in order? NBS can help you keep all of those essential elements organized and up-to-date.

“Make it Easy”; “Make it Automatic”; and “Make it Accurate” was the order; and Ninth Brain Suite did just that.

Leverage the powerful Human Management Resource tool to record, track and store:

  • Employee Profiles
  • Employment History
  • Primary and Secondary Job Titles
  • Contact and Emergency Contact Information
  • Worknotes and Documents
  • Employee Behavior with the Points Management feature!  Track activities such as Attendance, Late Clock-Ins, Appearance, Positive Activities, and more with an easy Point System.  Customize what you want to Track, Points Attributed, Timing of Reset, and Email Notifications

Stay compliant with our Employee Health Records module:

  • Stay compliant with COVID Vaccine tracking and alternative COVID Testing alerting workflow
  • Track Routine health events such as TB Test, Respirator Fit Test, Immunizations, additional company-defined events and work-related illnesses/injuries
  • Customize required health events by Job Title with renewal parameters and alerting system
  • Make it seamless with the ability to allow employees to upload direct to system with an alerts and review process for your administrative team
  • OSHA-recordable events that fill to the required Reporting Templates
  • Health and Safety Plans and SDS’s
We keep your records up-to-date by supporting more than 980,000 faculty logons this past year alone.
Ninth Brain is a wonderful tool for those individuals/agencies that want a program that is all inclusive. From employee demographics to taking online classes to tracking of certifications; it also includes a quality improvement module for those that track incidents for trending and teaching purposes. There is also an Employee Health section for health, wellness and safety. An enormous resource center for everything from company policy and procedures to protocols, basically anything that you want to provide to your employees as an asset to their job. One of the best parts of Ninth Brain is their tracking system. If you want to know how many employees have taken a particular course, or how many certifications are due to expire. There is also a notification system which you can set up to automatically send an employee updates on when things are occurring and when certifications are due to expire.
Education Coordinator ETMC-EMS, Tyler, TX
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