Healthcare Management Solution

Healthcare Management Solution

Healthcare providers have a serious and vital calling. That entails making sure business operations, employee education, certification, and industry standards are constantly being addressed. For healthcare professionals, keeping track of those issues can be exacerbated with outdated spreadsheet software and manual data upkeep.

Ninth Brain has the solution with its suite of healthcare management software. Our products help your healthcare institution be fully compliant and updated on your personnel, equipment, and procedural requirements. We make it easy to centralize and automate your information, schedules, and operations with programs customized to meet your specific needs, including nurse scheduling software, medical credentialing software, and more.

Our powerful product suites can help you keep track of a wide range of operational needs, without the excess paperwork and manual data entry:

  • Track your medical team’s licenses and credentials by building education courses to stay compliant. Make all your department’s schedules available whether you’re on or off the premises.
  • Keep your staff’s personal records in one spot. Use customized fields for important department details. Oversee locker assignments, parking designations, float pools, and emergency contact information for your employees.
  • Make sure that your staff is authorized for specific practices with our healthcare compliance software, including credential tracking and verification monitoring. Ensure licenses are up-to-date and verified according to state requirements. Assign specific credentials to positions with continuing education requirement, and make sure they’re on top of best practices.
  • Build a course of company-defined education to verify HIPAA compliance and achieve full workplace safety. Assign courses and attach certificates of completion to employee records. Break down the hours your employees have completed or keep track of the hours they have left to finish. Assign final exams and see how your staff answered specific questions and absorbed information.
  • Use courses from our library, accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, to fulfill your education needs, such as Workplace Violence, BBP, PTSD, Bloodborne Pathogens, Asthma Patient Care, Infection Control, and more. All of which are accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).
  • Track incidents and assign follow-up procedures to finish before they close. Track medication errors, employee injuries, protocol deviation, and other accidents to curb reoccurrence. Create custom workflows of your department’s Quality Improvement process. View an administrative dashboard to quickly see what incidents are open and what work notes have been documented.
  • Oversee employee health events with our employee health module. Monitor exposure, immunization, and titers needed. Create OSHA-recordable reports on injuries inside your department and improve your ability to show your employees’ readiness at your next department audit.
  • Use our medical scheduling software to ensure you have sufficient staff coverage for patients. Allow your staff to report on their work availability to fill shifts evenly; and send potential openings to your staff via email or text to fill it without a phone tree. Use management dashboards to verify hours, monitor overtime, and approve pending trades and time-off requests. Make downloadable schedules so employees can save them on their personal or mobile devices.
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