EMS Accreditation for your Agency

EMS Accreditation for your Agency

Modern health and safety concerns have made EMTs, A-EMTs, and Paramedics more crucial to our lives than ever before. As first responders in emergency medical situations, their reliability and knowledge can be lifelines for patients in need. For that reason, an agency must maintain a roster of EMS workers who meet or exceed the baseline skills required for their position.

Ninth Brain is here to help with our special services for EMS. Our tools help usher your agency through the often-complicated accreditation process. We work closely with our clients to build high standards of treatment, care, and safety. Let us help your agency achieve and maintain those standards to obtain or renew your chosen accreditation to highlight the work you provide to your community. .

Our software and services help your administrators organize the materials and procedures involved with accreditation. They can also assist with keeping your employees’ education up to date, mitigating risk, and managing the current credentials of your employees.

Striving for excellence in patient care is a noble goal for any emergency medical service. Ninth Brain is devoted to helping you achieve and maintain those high levels of quality for every one of the patients you transport. Our tools streamline your agency’s accreditation tasks to lessen the load on your office and medical staff—and keep your most valuable human assets in the business of saving lives.

Why EMS accreditation is important

Accreditation is the validation of your agency’s public responsibility. It’s a measure of your trustworthiness and commitment. Professional accreditation is visible and verifiable proof that your employees endeavor in good faith to meet not only minimum criteria for emergency medical care, but exceed in the standards, and regularly keep up with updated latest procedural information.

Maintaining accreditation on an ongoing basis shows your company’s dedication to advancing the overall profession of healthcare as a whole—that your primary concern is giving patients the most thorough care possible with the most current and progressive skills, tools, and technology available. While doing all of these in a safe and efficient manner.

Accreditations Ninth Brain works with

Ninth Brain software can help you obtain, or maintain professional accreditations for any or all the following organizations and commissions such as:

  • Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS)
  • Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS)

How Ninth Brain helps your agency with EMS accreditation.

The Ninth Brain suite of programs for emergency service companies is adaptable for managing the requirements and benchmarks of professional accreditation. Fully accessible online from any internet device, our software keeps track of all the requirements and benchmarks your company needs for EMS accreditation. It also serves as an educational module, scheduling and notification center, online EMS education library, Quality Improvement trend and tracker, administrative organizer, and much more.

The Ninth Brain suite for accreditation takes the complexities and processes for professional accreditation and makes them meaningful and manageable. With our online suite, your company can:

  • Centralize your company’s information. Keep all your company’s most important, sensitive, or valuable documentation in one easily accessible online spot. Management structure, asset inventory, and data, employee records, insurance information, procedural outlines—any documents that are crucial for you to keep and quickly retrieve.
  • Manage your activities and performance. Our Quality Management and Improvement tools help you oversee and evaluate all the level of service your program provides. Track progress and trends in improving your service and mitigating risks, establish service benchmarks, organize, and export data to Excel, and schedule reports for circulation among your staff.
  • Ensure employees’ care skills. Chart review helps validate the level of service your staff is providing, and that their standards of care are in line with accreditation requirements. Measure their work according to defined data points, set up notifications for completion of chart review tiers, transporting of special patients, and evaluation of care by staffers.
  • Manage job titles and descriptions. Keep track of new positions and update the responsibilities of existing ones. Set up automatic reminders for reviewing and editing existing job title descriptions.
  • Administer competency and skills testing. Help your employees keep on track with our checklist and forms module. Schedule, validate and store competency results, and keep your staff prepared for all conceivable patient situations and conditions.
  • Provide educational tools and support. Change never stops happening in the emergency medical field, which means educating these new developments is an ongoing activity. Our Course Builder module helps you create educational units for your crews, or lets you choose courses from Ninth Brain’s extensive education library. Confirm your employees’ course completion, record it to their credential file. Need to see the courses that your employees have completed for your accreditation needs? We have a report for that!
  • Oversee employee credentials. Never let a staff member miss their renewal deadlines with software that manages credential status for every job title in your office. Create automatic notifications and employee accreditation status reports. These notifications also extend to the schedule. Employees with expired credentials are not allowed to be placed on the schedule and will flag existing schedules of the expired credential.
  • Create an employee documentation library in our Resource Center and File Cabinet. Give your staff easy access to the documentation they need to keep on top of their work to achieve your EMS accreditation. Policies, procedures, and protocols will be available with one click. Categorize all the most important documents with publish dates, and allow employees to retrieve them on their desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. Assign and track your employees viewing as you update these documents to assure, they have the most up-to-date information.
  • Use our Risk Assessment tool for crew performance and safety management. Make sure your employees are fit for critical environments and can get back home. Ninth Brain’s module lets you define your program’s most pertinent metrics and geographical areas, allowing you visibility into the risk levels of any situation. Set up alerts and allow your administrators ability to mitigate high-risk situations and ensure your crew’s safe return.
  • Manage employees’ time with our Scheduling module. Use our Work Status Rules function to schedule your staff according to accreditation restrictions for consecutive shifts and required downtime. Create flags and set up notifications when an employee is exceeding or deviating from program or industry standards for safe work scheduling.

Make EMS accreditation simpler

Ninth Brain wants every organization we work with to not only meet industry standards but exceed them and to perform at the highest level and provide the best care their patients can receive. Ninth Brain is your virtual assistant with a one-track mind on keeping your company and employee’s accreditation compliant. Let our services help you attain the validation and acclaim your staff, and technicians earn.


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