Quality Improvement Incident Tracker

Quality Improvement Incident Tracker

In the demanding Emergency Medical Services (EMS) sector, staying ahead in terms of quality and safety is non-negotiable. Our Quality Improvement Tracker is designed to help you answer critical questions like “How are we performing?”, “How can we elevate patient care?”, and “Are our response protocols effectively upheld?”.  After all, sound business practices advise it; industry accreditations, like CAAS and CAMTS,  demand it.

Experience a new level of operational excellence in EMS. Uploading your health, safety, and quality policies, procedures and plans to NBS is a great way to start! Utilizing the Quality Improvement tool, with pre-defined and custom-defined incidents, aids in improving execution of those plans.

Key Features:

  • Nineteen predefined incident record templates, such as:
    • Medication Error
    • Equipment Failure
    • Patient Injury
    • Complaints
  • The ability to create your own company-specific incident records
  • Ability to create assignment workflow on a “need-to-know” basis
  • Notifications for incidents requiring review
  • Communication with those involved for loop closure and notification requirements
  • QI Dashboard for quick and easy incident tracking & management
  • Real-time reports to help you analyze key performance indicators

Quality Improvement Tracker

Over 1 Million Quality Improvement alerts sent. Now that is keeping everyone in the loop!
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