Accreditation Assistant

Accreditation Assistant

Ninth Brain’s mission is to be a long-standing partner with First Responder agencies by providing quality and intuitive software solutions that evolve with the industry. The Accreditation Assistant is specifically formatted to ease the application stage for accreditation and reaccreditation of the CAAS Standards Version 3.0 and CAMTS Standards 12th edition, with plans to be updated as newer standards are released.

Streamline Your Accreditation Process by:

  • Reviewing Helpful Hints from Ninth Brain on where information could be stored and what reports may help address a particular Standard
  • Securely uploading documents in appropriately labeled folders for each Standard
  • Writing out your response/justification for each Standard Response
  • Tracking completion progress of your Team’s To-Dos, Reviews, and Approvals
  • Seamlessly exporting all the information to a zip file for your Accreditation Agency

This tool is included with all of Ninth Brain’s subscription packages!

According to Eileen Frazer, Executive Director of CAMTS: “The accreditation process is not an easy one since we ask for and review so many documents as part of our extensive review of the program.  Any process or system that can make this easier for the programs, and bring more consistency to our reviewers, is greatly welcome.”
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