Ninth Brain Suite is Celebrating its 20th Birthday!

Time sure flies when you are having fun! The idea that started on a napkin all those years ago has grown into a robust online platform that is still going strong today – 7,300+ days later!! We couldn’t have done it without all the support and brilliant suggestions we’ve received over the years. Thank you.

We’re lucky to have friends like you!

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The History of NinthBrain

Click and scroll through the years to see the evolution of the NinthBrain Suite!

Development Begins

First Design Meeting

  • Collaboration based on notes on a napkin by two nurses
  • Lisa Tedford hired as First Developer

Development Begins

  • Product Name: Virtual Clinical Manager (VCM)
  • Goal was to be a virtual clinical manager to include company information, OSHA requirements, Health & Safety Planning, QI Improvement plan, MSDS, employee licenses, track course completion, and provide publication information.

Release and Rebrand

First Version Released (Virtual Clinic Manager)

  • Employee and Health tracking for OSHA
  • Basic license tracking
  • Journal Reviews
  • Survey Tool
  • Task Tracker
  • Ticklers (Alerts were called this)

Kevin Neumann hired

  • Now Senior Level IT Manager

2002 Fall: Rebranded to Virtual Solutions Manager (VSM)

  • VSM was developed by The Mercy Group, a healthcare consultant business, specializing in training and compliance issues. The Mercy Group is led by a team of highly respected health care professionals with over 100 years of combined experience who know the kind of frustrations you face because they once faced them, too.
  • VSM consists of multiple modules, each with its own advantages, each building on data collected and written with other VSM modules.

True LMS Experience Arrives

  • Delivered a true LMS experience with education courses from vendor partner Medic Ed Education as well.

Expansion of Course Library

  • Expanded library to include vendor partner Wild Iris known for ANNC nursing courses.


NBS System Grows to Include More Modules

  • Health and Safety
  • Employee Health
  • QI Questionnaire and Survey tool
  • Journal Review
  • Continuing Education
  • Documents & Templates

First User Group meeting held at New Horizons in Grand Rapids, MI

Second User Group Meeting

  • 2nd User Group meeting held at Steelcase in Grand Rapids, MI

Version 2 Release and Rebrand

  • Worked to develop QI incidents still used today
    • Company rebranded to Ninth Brain!
  • Version 2 of the software was released
    • New colors, new menu structure, new look and feel!
  • Expanded Library again with another new partner – Summit Safety Training Courses

Introducing Forms!

  • Forms module now created to include workflow and notifications

Version 3 Development Begins

  • Started version 3 rewrite to focus on End User experience, security, dashboards

Introducing Verification Monitoring

  • Verification Monitoring rolled out with first client on board – Three Rivers Ambulance Authority

Version 3 Released – Checklists Introduced

  • Huge Version update with 3.0 Released
    • New security options
    • My Corner
    • Calendar
    • Dashboards
    • Credentials & Education connected for CE tracking
    • Merged Online and Outside Courses
    • Offered SCORM format for educational courses
    • Individual area overhaul
  • Checklist module was created and added!

New Management, New Features, and New Partners

  • Lisa Tedford and Holly Taylor become new owners of company
  • Audit Trail added on System Security
  • Partnered with Health and Safety Institute to offer Fire and EMS courses in NBS Library!

Version 4 Released – Quality Improvement Added

  • Version 4.0 Major Release for modernized web responsive site for all devices!
    • Brand new look and feel throughout entire system
    • Personalized login experience
    • Responsive Navigation
    • Form templates for Healthcare industry
    • Scheduled reports and more!
  • Quality Improvement – New system for Communication for Incident management added

New Modules Released

  • Several new Reports added for Education/Credentials
  • Release of NEW Scheduling Module!!
  • Center for Patient Safety Integration within QI module
  • NEW Risk Assessment tool Released!

New Features and Integrations!

  • Run Log was released along with GAMUT Metrics
  • Time Clock feature added to Scheduling and several other enhancements
  • EMS Charts Integration
  • Points Management System added as a Human Resources tool

New Integration – Flight Vector

  • Version release to include Leave Management for Scheduling Flight Vector Integration

Expanded Library and Moved to the Cloud

  • Offered VIVID courses for interactive safety courses
  • Migration from physical servers to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure
  • Added Discussion Board and NBS Community to Resource Center

Launched A La Carte Library

  • 2021 Aug – A La Carte Library was released including more vendor partners like
    • IA Med Education
    • Keavney & Streger content
    • Marion Learning content
  • 2021 December – Overhaul to the Resource Center – File Cabinet organization

Celebrating 20 Years of Service

  • New Credential Approval Process
  • Redesign of Reading, Course, and Form Assignments
  • Ninth Brain Suite Celebrates 20 years of serving the EMS Industry

Then vs. Now - The NinthBrain Suite

Click and drag to see a how far the NinthBrain suite has come in 20 years!

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