EMS Management Solution

EMS Management Solution

In an emergency, simplicity is key. First responders face dangerous, life-threatening situations as part of the job. Organizations that work in such high-risk environments need to closely monitor business matters like reporting, compliance, licensing, training, quality improvement and much more—which adds a mountain of paperwork to the task of saving lives.

Ninth Brain understands the complex world of compliance management. Our integrated, holistic solution helps government and privately-owned clients streamline their business operations.

Our company and employee management software concentrate all your paperwork into a paperless system.   We provide a suite of EMS management software that helps communicate deadlines, important messages, and notifications to your staff. Most importantly, our training and certification programs help you keep your organization in full compliance with affiliation and accreditation standards.

Ninth Brain’s scheduling, management, and quality improvement EMS software is a complete solution for almost all your daily operational responsibilities:

  • Keep staff information and emergency contacts in one place for easy manager access.
  • Track employee information including uniform sizes, fuel cards, locker assignments, and more.
  • Document and communicate important protocol changes, company policies, vehicle and equipment maintenance to staff, and verify with read receipt.
  • Record and resolve daily operational issues using a systematic approach for incidents like vehicle issues, accidents, equipment failures, medication errors, safety issues, and more.
  • Set up a Quality Improvement (QI) dashboard that tracks, notifies, reports, and investigate issues that arise.
  • Monitor and trend company incident reports, and automatically assign them by category to members in your agency.
  • Track credentials to remind staff of upcoming expirations, and automatically prevent scheduling of crew members with expired credentials.
  • Create and assign forms for crew distribution. Track and report crew feedback and verify form assignments and completion.
  • Customize and manage virtual checklists with EMS-specific templates for quarterly skills competency, drug checks, vehicle and equipment check, and more. Confirm whether your staff has completed all the necessary documentation.
  • Provide EMS professionals with quick access to online courses and track CEUs toward relicensing. Classify courses into categories for sorting and assigning to crew members.
  • Use our library for CAPCE courses such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Airway Management, Hazmat: EMS Response, Pediatric Assessment, Infectious Disease, Triage and more! Most of our medical courses are CAPCE-approved.
  • Set staff schedules with parameters that manage overtime requirements and keep budgets in check.
  • Store protocols, procedures, HR documents, safety data sheets and more in a protected, free environment with access for those who need it.
  • Maintain employee health records for TB, immunizations, hearing, vision, drug tests, and more, with built-in notifications for appointments and renewals.
  • Generate custom reports for industry, CAAS, and CAMTS audits.

In the intense and critical field of emergency response services, Ninth Brain’s EMS management suite gives you peace of mind knowing the company information is in a safe, secure, HIPAA-compliant system. With complete solutions and dedicated customer support, Ninth Brain keeps your EMS organization on top of regulations, industry standards, procedures, employee management, and all the operations you need to continue your most important mission: protecting and saving lives. To learn more about our EMS management software, contact us.

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