Verification Monitoring

Verification Monitoring

Looking for help to monitor compliance of your staff? Reduce risk in this rapidly changing environment while saving your company time and money by utilizing the NBS Verification Monitoring tool. Ensure your employees are compliant and protect yourself from unwanted risk by automating Office of Inspector General (OIG) exclusion list checks, tracking sanctions, and licenses.

What We Offer:

  • Automated Exclusion Monitoring; we check all available federal and state exclusion lists.
  • Worry-Free Sanction Screening; all 50 states are monitored for healthcare license sanctions.
  • Streamlined License Verification; state board issuing license is checked upon entry, state license verified on regular schedule prior to, after expiration, and upon renewal.
Reducing risk by sending over 81,000 notifications about potential issues.
Ninth Brain Suite rocks! Of all the data programs and systems I work with…Ninth Brain Suite is by far the best platform!
Projects Administrator SEMSA, Merced, CA
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Next StepsSchedule a demo or ask any questions you may have.

Next Steps Schedule a demo or ask any questions you may have.